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Getting your hair done in Hongdae: Hair & Joy

Before we left for Seoul, we were talking about getting our hair done there for the experience. Plus the fact that it’ll be really cool to get a new cut/colour/style by actual Korean hair stylists. But it would be pretty ridiculous to walk into any Korean-speaking salon because none of us are actually fluent in the language, so CA did some research before the trip and found a place in Hongdae where the stylists speak English. We all thought it looked decent so he called up the place and made an appointment during our second week in Seoul.

Wasn’t too difficult looking for the place. Probably also because it was one of the only days we bothered waking up early – which is one of my biggest regrets because wow who goes on a trip and sleeps till 2PM everyday? Us!

Didn’t take any pictures of the place, but it’s pretty spacious and good-looking. They weren’t lying when they said the stylists speak English – rather good English at that. I spotted one other Caucasian tourist getting his hair done when we were there, and I’m pretty sure quite a lot of foreigners frequent the place.


Mel with her new hair cut and colour.

Wanted to get a haircut and dye my hair a different colour…but I ended up only getting highlights because I was so undecided. Highlights which colour I can’t even remember because I dyed my hair dark again shortly after coming back because I couldn’t stand having two different tones of brown on my head.


Still love how adorable their logo is! A cute chicken hugging a chilli. I really like jjimdak (braised chicken dishes) a lot but the dish is usually made spicy. My tolerance is relatively high, but the spicy levels here at SE7EN’s store vary quite a bit, and I’m fine with the lower levels.









Lunch at Yeolbong Jjimdak (열봉찜닭) again, this time at Ewha!

The outlet was also a whole lot bigger than the first one we went to at Hyehwa, but I heard the one at Garosu-gil is even larger. Also the one where most of the Korean celebs visit.

Verdict on Hair & Joy? I quite like the place because the staff’s friendly and they definitely know what they’re doing. It’s not as expensive as doing your hair in an upscale salon here in Singapore, but it’s not ridiculously cheap or anything either. If I remember correctly…Keith got his hair cut+coloured for less than S$100 while Mel’s was about S$140.

Places mentioned:

Hair & Joy (Directions on website)



    • LOL I wouldn’t mind. It would be so fun! I go through my hard disk and then I find pictures that I haven’t posted, so they make for a new entry. I miss Seoul.

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