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Boys Like Girls at STAR Concert at Gardens by the Bay



No photos of John because my D90 kit lens can only take me so far.

So two Sundays ago, a couple of friends and I had the privilege of attending The Straits Times’ 167th birthday bash (thanks to Jiaqi!) – celebrated in the form of  a concert. What better way, right? I think so too. Except I’m not really big on squeezing in with too-big crowds to get a good spot in front of the stage.

The Straits Times Appreciates Readers (STAR) concert was held at one of Singapore’s newest attractions, Gardens by the Bay. Sounds really fancy, and the place looks like something out of an Avatar wonderland. Not bad at all, except there’s honestly nothing much to do there but be in awe of the futuristic scenery. You’ve to pay to enter the observatories to look at the Man-planted floral and fauna, so if you aren’t big on those things, it’s better to just stroll around the park area.

But back to the concert, because it was a pretty great experience in itself – and I credit that solely to Boys Like Girls. We had a couple of up-and-coming local talent and well-known homegrown stars such as Tanya Chua, Hady Mirza and Taufik Batisah, and K-pop girl group 4MINUTE as well, but honestly, the boys from BLG were the ones that really impressed me.

I’m not a huge BLG fan. I don’t check out their new songs the moment they’re out like I do for Maroon 5 or something, but I have to say that their stage that night was phenomenal, and the energy was definitely a-ma-zing. What I really enjoy about pop-punk bands is that their music is easy to get and they don’t ever try too hard. Never heard of their songs? Impossible. Because even if you don’t listen to their music or any English pop for that matter, back in school there’s always someone who’s obligingly blasting them in your ears. You end up getting them in your head anyway – because they’re heartfelt, filled with emotions and angst, and the messages of love and friendship are always clear.

And that’s the kind of feelings we get from BLG. It gets you in the gut because the lyrics and music take you back to a time and place. Lead vocalist Martin also churns out most of BLG’s hit songs, and also a couple more for other artists, so you can tell he knows what he’s doing. The time when I really got into ‘Thunder’ was a whole year after is release, but I was irrevocably drawn to its lyrics and the song’s high and lows. It was great, still is, and I was reminded of just how much when the band launched into it mid-way during their set (which also included most of their hits over the years).

The good news for fans is that BLG’s newest EP ‘Crazy World‘ is out, and once you get past the infectiousness of ‘Be Your Everything’, you settle for the country-infused ‘Life Of The Party’ and ‘First Time’ – both of which I really, really like because they’ve got this amazing yee-haw twang to it. Martin’s apparently a huge country fan so I say…Bring it on!

Thoughts on 4MINUTE here.



  1. Jealous! I saw BLG 2-3 years ago – they were really good live. Although I must say I much prefer Paul (lead guitar) to Martin…

    • Agreed! They’re really great performers that capture the audience’s attention easily, even if one isn’t a fan. And my friend shares your sentiments on Paul – was desperately attempting to snap pictures of him for her but he was alllll over the stage. Boy’s a crazy ball of energy!

  2. Yay it’s out! Hahaha I had this stupid smile on my face while reading this. Anyway, I’m really not being biased here but I do agree with you that their energy is amazing. Their infectious music and stage presence (when watching their live performances off YouTube) are what really drew me into them in the first place and I’m glad that my friends share the same sentiments as me 🙂

    P.S. I love Paul. But you already knew.

    • Oh yeah, and by the way, BLG has a full-length record including the three songs in EP coming out in September. From the previews, they are really experimenting with different music sounds although it seems to be inclined to the country side, with one of the songs, Crazy World, having whistling and harmonica solos etc. Their lyrics are also definitely deeper and more mature compared to their previous two albums so I think it is an album to look out for. 🙂

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