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A Big, fat, rage.

…No seriously, what just happened with Big? I was enjoying the show right up till its last moments, and then I felt like someone abruptly yanked away the carpet I was sitting contentedly on for most of the show. What a terrible ending.

So for those unaware, Big is a show about swapping souls. But it’s not a Freaky Friday match-up, because while 18-year-old Kyung Joon has to suddenly live the life of the grown-up man’s body he’s residing in, his own body lies in a comatose state after episode one – throughout the entire show.

Now this wasn’t set to be so crappy at first, because the entire series led us to think that female protagonist Da Ran and Kyung Joon were going to end up together – which they did – but isn’t Kyung Joon supposed to appear in front of Da Ran again as his rightfully younger self, after switching back? Perhaps the Hong Sisters felt that it didn’t matter, that so long as the right couple ended up together that it would make the ending satisfactory. But it doesn’t.

I don’t think I’m wrong to say that while most viewers were happy with having Gong Yoo play grown-up Kyung Joon, we were just waiting for the day little Kyung Joon wakes up and beats the odds to be with his teacher. It’s a cougar kind of relationship that’s probably not that widely accepted in conservative cultures like Korea yet (much less from a family-friendly channel like KBS), but I can’t help but feel wholly cheated.

Some might argue that the development of the drama is more important than the actual ending itself, but for me, the ending is what I was holding out for the entire time. If not, I could easily have attributed it as just another rom-com. The elements of a student-teacher relationship have always been there, and Gong Yoo carries off playing a teenager in a grown-up’s body really well, but seeing it is different. Seeing grown-up Kyung Joon with Da Ran and little Kyung Joon with Da Ran is different. It is.

I’m only hoping that SM‘s remake of Hana Kimi (entitled ‘To The Beautiful You’) that airs next month will not be a disappointment. It’s the third time the manga is being made into a drama, so with its release we officially have a Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean version of the popular comic. How very apt.

Another reason to look forward to the drama is for f(x)‘s Sulli. She might not make a very good pop-star, but she was a sure as hell kickass child actress who chews on her soju glass:




  1. “…his own body lies in a comatose state after episode one – throughout the entire show.”

    Are you serious?! I only watched episode 1 and haven’t found time to continue, but I honestly thought he was going to wake up at some point. Oh man. What a pity. He’s cute.

    • Yesssss! He’s adorable, isn’t he! I think I’ve an unspoken affection for him because of his uncanny resemblance to Myungsoo whom I…love. LOL. I don’t think the drama’s worth continuing though sigh.

  2. Deanna

    You know what the drama does? Cheats. Totally cheats your invested feelings because after all the initial skepticism about their r/s, you’re finally won over by adorkable Kyung Joon and find yourself just there rooting for the student and teacher and in the end, YOU DONT GET IT. Sigh so much rage. I thought the swapping back was the climax, but they just conveniently time skipped the very moment I was waiting for. Probably disappointment of the year.

    Thank god I have To The Beautiful You to look forward to! Just keeping my fingers crossed that Minho can pull it off x

    • I know!! T_T I still feel my heart aching over the stupid drama. Gong Yoo is such an amazing actor though! He emotes and his smile is sooooooo cute!!
      Anyway, glad it’s August now! Sulli looks gorgeous with her new short hair and I’m hoping Minho will finally show off some real talent too hehe. WOOHOO drama kids 4 life.

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