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New jam

Hello all.

I think a large part of why I’ve been blogging so much lesser recently is due to the fact that…I am running out of default bandwidth space. ㅠㅠ I can’t believe the amount of pictures I’ve posted since last year but seriously…Eep. Not to worry though, I’ll just have to migrate a little over to Photobucket…when I’m free.

Let’s just take a moment to revel in the latest in K-pop:

I seem to discover something new every time I listen to 2NE1‘s ‘I Love You’. I love the studio track, but watching them perform it live is just a totally different experience altogether. First off, let me just profess my adoration for how well the little nostalgic singing bits by Dara go with the overall stronger up-tempo instrumental present throughout. It’s just something hardly present in dance-y tracks, and although I know it’s been done before I haven’t actually heard anything like it before.

Minzy is a little over-the-top when she sings, and I get the impression that she tries to sound older and just more..sensual all the time. But I’m going to overlook that because she honestly is sizzling and is so incredibly good at working her voice. Same goes for CL. She tends to sound a bit nasal at times, but ultimately she’s gifted with a voice that’s rich with underlying sexiness. Park Bom doesn’t really stand out for me here – she sounds okay as usual, but I’ve never really been a fan of her voice. She’s a great R&B-esque type of singer, but I always find myself cringing whenever she sings the higher notes in 2NE1 songs because her voice tends to go all over the place. I don’t know whether to credit the shakiness to her natural vibrato or anything but it just gets a tad uncomfortable. THAT SAID, I do love her singing in ‘It Hurts’.

I’m so impressed by B.A.P and ‘No Mercy’! I know it’s a little late to jump on the B.A.P bandwagon – and I’m not exactly a fan – but this song is so We Will Rock You and testosterone-filled that it’s impossible to ignore. I possibly like it more than ‘Warrior’ or ‘Power’ solely for the kick-ass boom clap beats and Youngjae and Daehyun‘s little singing parts. They are a little out of nowhere but go strangely well with the whole song.

I know that B.A.P is pretty focused on breaking the typical idol stereotype and showing the industry that they can own the bad-boy image well, which is great because well, we don’t have a lot of that now do we? But sometimes I get the *feeling* that they’re pushing rappers Yongguk and Zelo‘s roles in the group’s songs a little too much. Both are epic at what they do, and their distinctly different voices back each other’s up so well, but I hope to see a little bit more of Himchan and Jongup do something. Yeah yeah one’s the *visual* and one’s the *dancer* but surely they can be incorporated into their next title track with a bit more impact?

Almost 3am. More when I am awake.



  1. jean

    If only I’m into Kpop. You give interesting commentaries! Do an English band/artiste someday? Haha

    • Oh my, thanks!! I have the impression non-K-pop fans just skip past my music commentary!

      But yes I’m gonna do BLG soon!! Cos I was so in awe of them at the concert and Be Your Everything is a really, really good song.

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