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Past midnight thoughts + ramblings on Beast’s Midnight

It’s so hard making decisions sometimes. From the smallest ones to the ones that impact life a little bit more – I find myself getting stumped too often. Not the best feeling at this stage in life where the rest of my future is an open book, and the next step I take is completely definitive.

It’s just a really scary place to be. Knowing that right now I have the power to stop studying if I want to, or head overseas for a two years to do so if I make up my mind to. To sleep in till 5PM every day now that I’m officially jobless for a bit. To watch dramas till 5AM because I can do the latter Every. Single. Day.

I’m also officially disappointed with my complete lack of activity lately. I NEED to stop being such a sloth and get out there to move a bit more.

On a lighter note, I’m really liking how Beast’s ‘Midnight’ off their upcoming ‘Midnight Sun’ album is sounding. The laid-back vibes of the song are great and I also love the almost nostalgic feel from the video teaser. I’m not feeling the hair yet but at least they look fresh (except Gikwang, who really needs to eat three hamburgers a day).

Okay but Hyunseung really needs to understand that the flat side-sweeping hair isn’t going to work for anyone besides Infinite’s Sungjong. Especially not in garishly technicolour pink.


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