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Favourite songs from Shut Up Flower Boy Band

It’s been a good month since I finished tvN’s Shut Up Flower Boy Band and besides it being a really good drama (best of 2012 yet), another thing I love about the show is that it has a really solid soundtrack. Music from K dramas don’t usually hold much of significance to me because the songs are usually just played in the background of a particular sad/happy/funny scene and after the drama ends I don’t find myself listening to the songs frequently.

It’s different with SUFBB though, because the songs are incorporated into the drama to tell a story. It’s kinda like Dream High, where every song was partner to a poignant moment of the show and always a stepping stone for the character.

‘A Goose’s Dream’ (originally sung by Insooni and made popular by its various renditions by K-pop idols) was the song that drew apart Hye Mi and Baek Hee during their audition in Dream High when only one of them could pass, as well as the song that brought them back together when they reconciled and settled their differences. It’s good use of songs during times like these that give me an awful lot of emotional attachment to them, and SUFBB is the next drama to do exactly so.

Sung by Infinite’s Myungsoo and Superstar K’s Kim Ye Rim, this song isn’t really on the top of my list, but it’s a sweet duet that helped close up the awkward gaps between Hyun Soo (Myungsoo’s character) and Ye Rim (named after the singer herself), as well as allowed Hyun Soo to loosen up and acknowledge his growing feelings for her.

The song’s great because it also acted as a catalyst for both Myungsoo in real life (who’s not one of the main vocalists in Infinite), and Hyun Soo in the drama (who could sing but was always overshadowed by the lead character).

Now ‘Jaywalking’ is a different matter altogether. It’s an amazing song on its own, but in the drama it’s also the song that Byung Hee (Lee Min Ki) left behind for his bandmates after his untimely death, and the song that propelled the boys to fame. It was a symbol of Byung Hee, and also what kept the boys together throughout turbulent times. I love everything about the track – the electric guitar, the rocker vibes, the singing, and the weight of the hope and dreams it carries for the boys.

‘Wake Up’ is the song that Ji Hyuk (Sung Joon) composed after he realised that their one-hit wonder with ‘Jaywalking’ was going to take them nowhere. It has less fun vibes, sounds a lot more grown up, but is still a really nostalgic sounding song. I like to think that this is the song where Ji Hyuk and the other boys start to find themselves again, finding out that despite their loyalty to each other as a band that they all ultimately have different goals they want to meet.

On a totally side note before I flop, CAN’T WAIT FOR SPIDERMAN YEE HAW!


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