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Instagram #1

Properly labeling my Instagram posts from now on.

I love chick lit. Love it so much that I barely hesitate whenever I spot a new one and buy it despite knowing that I’ll finish it a couple of hours later. This one is really good so far.

Skull bracelets I’ve been helping my mum make for sale. I love the multi-coloured ones so much but she’s out of many colours so the ones now are quite bleurgh.

And new ribbons for sale!

Today was another one of those days where I woke up late because of another night up (grr) and swallowed junk food for lunch because it’s convenient. Buttttt tomorrow will be so much more productive because I’ll be dragging myself up early for breakfast at Robertson Quay (breakfast is very productive yes) and I’m heading to dance at night. Also, Justine is back after days of sailing on the high seas so we can finally work on Dinoseoul again. If you haven’t already, head over to check out our Boyz Nite Out coverage as well as Michy’s after party review!

Also, it’s really funny and exasperating trying to fangirl over ‘Big’ on Kakao Talk because of my shitty grasp of the language but my incredible enthusiasm for the show. Chong Aik, I have come to the conclusion that Jung Yeop thinks I am lesbian for Suzy and Lee Min Jung.



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