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Friday musings

Currently on the train my way to catch SHINee and the rest of the performers at Boyz Nite Out. Saying it that way because I’m biased but I’m genuinely looking forward to the other acts whom I’ve never watched live before.

Proper post when it’s over!


The concert breezed by really quickly but everyone (especially B1A4 and Teen Top), you were good job. Won’t be bombarding non-Kpop readers here because I’ll be doing a concert review on Dinoseoul and Michy will be doing an after party impressions post as well (CHILLING WITH THE STARZZ). Keep checking back! 🙂

But a few things: I definitely have to thank Jacintha for the awesome seats (the closest I’ve ever been to the stage so far) and for introducing a great new friend to me. Although it’s one of the shortest concerts I’ve ever attended, what made up for it was really how I was able to enjoy every performance properly without anyone standing in front of me. Also, I was pretty disappointed that SHINee seemed really out of it, but it was obvious they were really tired. Here’s hoping they get some rest so their next leg of concerts will be enjoyable for them and the fans.



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