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Short post before I slip into comatose mode.

1. While I am still toying with the idea of looking for a semi-permanent job, I can’t stress how gratifying it is to be able to push sales like never before while working for my mum. I’ve always known how tough it is on her to be self-sufficient for all of us ever since she left a stable job behind – but she never fails us. Knowing that I am able to ease her burden and take the hassle of her hiring someone else makes me happy, and I get to spend quality time with her whenever she’s around too.

2. I don’t know how thickheaded I was before – but these days I’m a lot more grateful and at peace with myself…something I can’t really explain. I’ve never been the quiet sort (I actually find myself a little too-hyper around people) but I feel so…serene often, now. I hope this means my inner goddess is working on her pilates on a faraway beach, because I like this feeling of calmness and control.

3. Also, I really really from the bottom of my heart want to thank everyone who has shown support to Dinoseoul so far! It’s still new and pretty raw (still struggling with the sufficient churning of editorial content because we’ve only two writers), plus the content might be heading for a switch-up when we convert the site to a .com within the next month or so. For now, I’m just really glad that it’s moving along. And please continue to read as much as possible – am grateful to be combine my interests and share them.

4. I NEED to visit the Harry Potter Exhibition.

Anyway, I lied about comas. Gonna go raid my fridge now.



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