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A Big post

The latest drama I’ve started on is KBS’ Big, and although the third ep is airing just tonight I’m already feeling pretty psyched about how the whole drama is starting to pan out.

Perhaps it’s the whole student-teacher relationship thing that makes the show interesting. Or maybe it’s Gong Yoo’s amazing acting or Shin Won Ho’s good looks that is making it easier for me to live post-Myungsoo-in-Shut Up Flower Boy Band that is keeping me hooked.

Big is the first drama I’m watching where I am getting introduced to the possible concept of a May-December romance between Lee Min Jung’s character and Shin Won Ho’s character. He plays an 18-year-old kid in the drama, and I’m not really sure how old Min Jung’s character is, but probably nothing below 26.

I think the latest drama to have such a storyline was Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, which I couldn’t bring myself to watch because of its title…despite it being in the same range of Flower Boy dramas aka Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

Gil Da Ran and Kang Kyung Joon’s first meeting in episode 1.

What makes this relationship strangely work is that in Kyung Joon’s (Won Ho, or Shin, as he goes by now) presence, Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) becomes a lot more rational, likely owing to the fact that he’s a rebellious student and she’s his teacher and wholly responsible for his well-being.

The male lead, Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) is Da Ran’s fiance, but both episode 1 and 2 have given us a glimpse into his life as a possible two-timer. This gives us a couple of ideas as to how the story will progress, especially when Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon have their bodies switched and Da Ran now has to continue acting as though nothing is wrong with her would-be husband, when he’s actually her annoying student.

Much as I want the student-teacher thing to work out, I’m guessing it might eventually turn out a one-sided affair on Kyung Joon’s part. Plus, we still have Jang Mari (Suzy) to figure out.

A more comprehensive post soon, hopefully over on Dinoseoul. Also, thank you for the amount of views in such a short period of time! 😀 I’m hoping for the site to shift its direction from being less newsy to featuring more analytical posts soon.

Ending the post with two pictures from today:

Jogging with my annoying sister and then playing with my furry friend.



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