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Bye Bye Birdie

Has anyone ever heard of the musical Bye Bye Birdie?

It’s a pretty interesting musical (later adapted into a film) inspired by Elvis Presley and the time when he had to enlist in the army. The story stars Conrad Birdie as a teen idol who recieves an army draft and puts on a goodbye performance before he leaves, breaking the hearts of all the teenage girls in the nation.

Because we’ve graduated a few months now, a lot of my male friends have finally enlisted into the army as well, and much as I’d like to dedicate the Bye Bye Birdie title song to you all, it is kind of intimidatingly pitchy and scary (an acquired taste). So! I shall leave you with the lyrics of the song, and you guys can pretend you are all superstars going off to serve our nation:

Bye Bye Birdie
I’m gonna miss you so;
Bye Bye Birdie,
Why’d you have to go?
No more sunshine,
It’s followed you away;
I’ll cry Birdie,
Till you’re home to stay.
I’ll miss the way you smile,
As tho’ it’s just for me;
And each and ev’ry night,
I’ll write you faithfully!
Bye Bye Birdie,
It’s awful hard to bear;
Bye Bye Birdie
Think I’ll always care,
Guess I’ll always care,
Guess I’ll always care!

Bye Bye Birdie
The Army’s taken you now
I’ll try Birdie
To forget some how
No more sighing
Each time you moved your lips
No more crying
When you twist those hips
Your swivel and your sway
Your super trooper
There’s nothing left to say
But Conrad you’re a jet
Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Keith, Jon, SL – the army’s got you now but I’m gonna miss you so!


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