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✈ 서울 T R A V E L O G U E ✈ Bau House in Hongdae

Sorry for the abrupt halt of Seoul posts lately, been spending lots of time trying to settle uni and working part time for my mum that I just couldn’t find time to sit down and blog properly about Seoul – which requires trying to recollect every detail! 😦 Most of it stays fresh in my head, but I really miss the place so I know if I think too much about it I’m gonna be really sad that the whole trip is over. Need to start planning my next trip there ASAP.

So, this post is on our trip to a dog cafe! After visiting a cat cafe it only made sense that we visited one – which was what exactly what we did on another day to Hongdae.

The biggest different between a cat cafe and a dog one? When you step into a cat one, the cats are quiet and sitting/snoozing around completely ignoring your presence. But when you walk into a dog cafe…


Dogs everywhere!! But that’s not the crazy part, the crazy part is that whenever someone steps into the cafe, every dog gets super excited and starts barking and rushing toward the door. Like all 2394239482 of them. It’s pretty fun if you’re a dog lover, but for people who are scared of dogs (why would they even be in the cafe anyway, right?) it’s definitely not the wisest choice.

It’s also pretty cute to me. I mean, how is it all the dogs get so happy whenever a new person comes in!! Maybe they think, “Oh goody another human to feed me treats and play with me!”

Wall of treats and toys that you can buy. Obviously when you buy treats, you suddenly become the most popular person in the cafe. (See picture of girl on top before the snack wall pic)

Beside the wall is also a poster of all the dogs in the cafe as well as their names. The cafe also strangely houses one cat named Sarang (Love in Korean), and that’s the only name I remember.

One of the cutest fluffiest dogs in the cafe! I think it’s a pomeranian, just like Boo!

A really shy schanuzer. I wanted to pet it but it didn’t really like having anyone near it – a rare case for dogs in this place! I eventually went close enough to snap this.

A husky!!! I’ve always wanted one.

Mel with a collie, another dog I’ve always wanted after I read about Lassie. Isn’t it adorable!! I love how the dogs all just come up to you to pet them.


Look at this dog!! It just climbed up on the sofa Keith was sitting on and proceeded to plop its head in his lap and fall asleep. Keith had to stay seated on that couch most of the time we were in the cafe hahaha. Have no idea what breed of dog this is though. Looks like a greyhound, but a really furry one. Are there furry greyhounds? Someone please enlighten me!

Sarang the cat!!! Sarang looked legit pissed the entire time though. Possibly because I saw this mischievious pup try to swipe at Sarang’s tail a couple of times.

A cocker spaniel under our table.

See the cute pomeranian!!! It was the only dog that allowed us to pick it up and carry it around like a baby.

And apparently some of the dogs were brought out for walks when we were there and halfway through our stay they all came back! CHECK OUT THIS HUGE POLAR BEAR OF A DOG.

Omgosh another one.

Hahahah ultra pissed kitty.

Shameless attempting to camwhore with Sarang.

And here’s me with the fluffy pom pom!

I think we spent a good two hours there playing with the dogs, but it honestly got a little boring after you meet every single dog and try to get their attention because after a while, they tend to flounce over to newer customers instead. Still worth a visit if you love dogs though – especially if you don’t get such an innovative concept where you live! For myself, my parents are dead set on us not having any pets, so being able to spend time at both a dog and a cat cafe was a really fun experience.

Think after one more post to sum up everything, I’m offically done with my Seoul posts. 😦 Seoul was great while it lasted, but now I’ve officially been back for about two months now. Talk about time…and it flying past.

But on a side note, I’ve also been working on moving the bulk of my posts on Korean entertainment & culture to a new home over here: Dinoseoul. It’s my first real foray into an actual newsy site, so do check there for more K-related articles there.

And also, Stef linked me to a great read on EXO over at this Seoulbeats writer’s blog before, and I’ve been following her blog ever since. Here’s another amazing, comprehensive post on all the members: Click.



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