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Keep calm and bounce to you (JJ Project Review)

“Now everybody, shake it up shake it for me!

I’m not quite sure how to describe the musical style of JYP’s new duo, JJ Project. It’s a little hip hop, a little rock and roll (Ok giving JB credit for that just because he utters that line), very dancey – in short, their title track ‘Bounce’ sounds like a whole mash-up of different things. It’s not bad, but it might get a little confusing. For myself, I still pretty much like the transiting of hip hop and rap to JB’s rocker moments…and basically the whole song.

From the song, we can also see that Jr.’s more or less the duo’s rapper, with JB taking on the singing portions. Can’t say much about the singing since it isn’t a very vocally demanding song.

The MV does help shape the fast-paced song a little better. Or at least I hope what JYP aims to do is give the song a happy, rather High School Musical feel (lots of cheerleaders, basketball boys, lots of dancing and singing around the school) except with wannabe bad boy delinquents…who are really into bright clothing, funky hair and the works. So no matter how overused the whole rocking it out in school concept is, if it’s done well it can still be fresh and fun. Plus I always believe MVs help mediocre songs up their credit, and ‘Bounce’ is one song that falls perfectly under that category.

The MV kicks off its opening scene with a typical classroom setting where the kids are looking deathly bored while the the teacher drones on – very ala Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time. So when the bell rings, Jr. gets up on his feet to dance. Obviously loving his very flippant attitude, the entire class starts grooving along.

Where did that mic and stand come from?!

Then they take it out to the hallways, the indoor basketball court, a studio, before finally breaking out of the school building for a mini concert.

The direction and way the MV is shot would also remind one of 2PM ‘Hands Up’ – not just for the repetitive ‘bounce..bounce’ chorus akin to their muscular sunbaes’ ‘put yo hands up p-pp-put-put’ but for the whole ooh-look-at-me-only-my-head-stays-still-while-the-rest-of-my-body-is-jamming kind of stop motion-que dancing.

Yet, similarities to ‘Hands Up’ aside, throughout the entire song I kept having this nagging feeling that there was another song that was even more alike to ‘Bounce’, just that I couldn’t for the life of me remember the title at all. And then I googled lyrics and found it!!!

High, high, high, high
Modu ddwieo in the sky
(Shake it, shake it
Shake shake it, shake it, hey)
High, high, high, high
Jeonbu itgo in the sky
(Shake it, shake it
Shake shake it, shake it, hey)

Fly away (Fly away, Yeah)
Fly Away (Fly Away, Yeah)

So High, High, High, High
I bami kkeutkaji achimeul ggaeweo
Neowa na shake it

Every Body, eh eh, Every Body
Move Your Body
Move Move Your Body
Every Body, eh eh, Every Body
Shake It, Shake It,
Shake Shake It, Shake It

Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Lucky Guy’!!!

The chorus with the whole ‘shake it’ thing. Sheesh our K-pop boys really like to shake their thang.

But back to the song, what really makes it gel so well with the video might just be the fact that these boys are young. At 18, they are in every damned position to sing about having fun, getting everyone on their feet to move along with them and having skinny, hot cheerleaders joining their throngs of high school worshippers.

The little ‘shake it’ dance in the chorus is awesome because who doesn’t love it when cheeky good-looking boys ask you to shake it, then go on to demonstrate how it’s done!

여러분, this is JB’s booty tooch. Tyra Banks would be proud.

I’m still not fully over JB’s lukewarm acting in Dream High 2, especially when Ui Bong (Jr.’s character) completely outshone him despite getting a much smaller role compared to JB’s leading one. But this MV has me drawn back to JB again for his brilliant hair. How many streaks of colours can you spot in this one MV? I’m loving the pink and blue.

Also, while we are on this topic of JB’s amazing coloured streaks, how incredibly cool is their website!!!

My kindergarten-worthy art piece with the spray cans on their website. You can literally ‘spray’ all over the page or draw as many hearts as you like around your preferred J.

And before I go…

Am honestly digging the overload of outlandish, loud clothes and accessories, but Jr.’s shiny leggings and spikey throat choker both really need to go.

P/S: What’s with the ‘Project’ title behind their name? Is it just for their debut or is it gonna be permanent? Because the last thing I remembered, ‘projects’ don’t last.



  1. OMG JR is wearing a Givenchy sweater! The white one with purplish/greenish flower looking things on it? That’s like a grand for that sweater!!

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