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Blowing Hot & Cold

The weather these days is driving me nuts.

I know Singapore’s supposed to be tropical, but how is it that it is either blazing-till-you-get-skin-cancer kind of hot or raining like it hasn’t rained for 10 years?

As everyone probably already knows, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home catching up with all the variety shows and dramas I can manage, and I seriously want to recommend the tvN drama, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, to anyone who’s looking for a new k drama to dive into! For a teen drama with such a cheesy name (I had no idea what the title meant when I first saw it. Someone telling a pretty boy band to get lost and stop acting like rockstars?) it has a lot of gritty moments, a whole lot of heart and well-planned twists. Will dedicate a whole post to it when I’m actually done with the show.

That aside, I’ve been religiously spending my time looking up uni choices Down Under. It’s not that hard to figure out what I wanna continue studying, it’s just all the other factors that keep surfacing themselves in my head. But I’m definitely looking forward and am open to whatever new experiences are coming my way in the coming months.

And later, I’ll be getting my butt off to work at this year’s Audi Fashion Festival happening in town – much thanks to Julia! It’s a five-day event happening in town in conjunction with the Asian Fashion Exchange convention (the two other events being Audi Star Creation and the Blueprint tradeshow). I went to last year’s Blueprint tradeshow at Marina Bay Sands with my fashion writer last year – and it was friggin amazing. I loved how each brand was able to distinguish itself from the others, especially our homegrown ones. It was also there I fell in love with Al & Alicia for their androgynous yet girly looks.


Till then!! xx


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