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Happy 21st Birthday, Cher!

Finally wrapping up the end of another good week! The second half of it saw a bunch of us going through with Cher’s surprise party for her 21st birthday, which was thankfully a success! Despite her suspecting something, she still didn’t manage to figure out what the actual plan was. Phew.

Photos from the second half of the week on day of surprise:

My huge leopard preenzzz clutch compared to the tiny EZ-Link card holder my mum gave me.

Gift from Keith! (Thank you so much for everything!!!!)

Headed to Cheston’s place during the afternoon on the day of the surprise party to decorate and help with the cake. Something about surprise parties make me awfully nervous and jittery! What if it doesn’t go well! What if someone says something! Ahh.

Day of surprise: Before the party, making the fondant for the cake.

Cher, what your cake actually looked like beneath that fondant.

Party essentials.

Three people I never thought I’d see in the same photo!!

Birthday girl!!

The birthday cake with one side completely bare because there wasn’t enough time to frost it hahaha.

Anyway, I hope you really enjoyed your party! πŸ™‚ It was crazily hard to not smile when you were complaining about your birthday itself on Thursday, so I’m glad that you managed to get a pleasant surprise on Friday night!

It’s Mother’s Day today, and I got my mum the cutest card in the world:

I’ve seen this joke floating around the Internet some time back and I think my mum will love it, can you guess how the next lines go!

And the current state of my side table. :S Will attempt to pack it right after I post this.

Have another great week ahead, all!


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