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My week in a nutshell

Been a pretty good week so far.

On Tuesday, my brother and I finally caught The Avengers! Way behind everyone else who were hurriedly pre-booking it/attempting to catch it on release day because we didn’t want to jostle with the crowds.

And what can I say? I absolutely love the show. Out of all the previous solo movies the individual Avengers had, my favourite was definitely Tony Stark (loved Iron Man, not so much Iron Man 2) in Iron Man. How charismatic can he get? Also, I saw an article that totalled the amount of screen time that each Avenger got, and Iron Man totally came in first. Have also found newfound love in Hawkeye – or maybe just Jeremy Renner who portrays the character. Hawkeye is to me what Katniss Everdeen is to all newfound fanboys around the world, alright!

I also finally managed to meet the journ groupmates after two months, I can’t believe we took that long just to squeeze in two hours for dinner!

And met up with Justine today before she leaves for Seoul on Friday too. The girl’s finally finished her second stint at SPH and embarking on her long-deserved trip to her land of promised, glossy-looking men! Hehe.

Strawberry Tiramisu Tart from Fruit Paradise. Whenever I have dinner there, I always want to have their tarts for dessert but end up gorging myself silly during the actual meal and feel too full afterward – so we made a special trip down today to have them. What I like about Japanese desserts is that despite how they look, they aren’t overly sweet so you can finish the entire thing without feeling like you’ve gained 5kg (although I probably will look at that cream).

And look what came in! Both the EXO-M and EXO-K mini-albums. I really love how they’re designed and how both albums are identical but make use of either black/white to differentiate themselves.

Also, it’s Cher’s birthday today and I’ll be seeing her in a couple of hours. Happy 21st dear, I can’t wait to celebrate turning 21 with you. ^^ Am really glad life has been turning out so well for you in recent months, and I can only let you know that it is only going to get better. ❤



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