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✈ 서울 T R A V E L O G U E ✈ Locks of Love at N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)

N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower because it is situated on Mt. Namsan, is a place filled with thousands and thousands of locks. Each belongs to a couple, accompanied with a message of their love. It is said that if a couple secures their lock on the rails of the tower and then tosses they key far down below – they will be together forever.


But alas, although we went up in pairs, neither of us were a couple so I think the experience was a completely different one for us. Still awesome! We didn’t actually go all the way up to the observatory tower because we just wanted to look at the locks. You have to purchase another ticket if you decide to head all the way up.

Going to Namsan is crazily tiring because the terrain up there is almost completely uphill. Once you get to the Namsan Tower Cable Car station, chances are you are already half dead from walking. But when I checked the directions online apparently there is a faster way. Pretty clear directions (the route we took) can be found here.

We went around 7ish at night if I remember correctly, and it was really really cold again. I heard that some people go at dusk so that they can see the sun set – so I’m sure that’s a whole other experience altogether. We paid about 8,000 won for a round cable car trip.

Our views from the top! (We weren’t at the tower yet)

The building you can see is the cable car tower to alight and descend the tower. The tiny sparkly lights behind are the city lights far below.

My blurry shot of the tower. Was having a bad day with my Nikon that night. Could barely figure out the right settings to get a decent picture and I didn’t want to use flash. Please forgive me for the ugly shots hahaha.

The place looks like a little part, with trees, benches, pavillions and water fountains – but the difference is that the air feels a lot different.

Dang, my lacklustre photography skills.

Shops around the area! You can buy tickets from the ticketing booth seen in the picture, and while Chong Aik and I got coffees from Cold Stone, Keith and Mel ate ice cream!! In that weather!!! Living life on the edge.

A tree of locks! I thought this was pretty cute.

Then we headed up to where all the main locks were!

A couple checking out locks…or fastening their own.

I’ve read a lot of travel blogs/seen shows where people would sit on this bench that looks like it has snapped in the middle and so we took a whole series of photos with it. It’s actually really sturdy btw.

K-drama worthy??

Better! Though off centre.

And this is totally off-topic but see my YakPak at the side of the picture? I bought it when I was in year 1 of poly and I’ve been using it to bits till the insides of it are completely falling apart.

Mel’s forever alone shot. As you can see we totally resigned to flash.

And Keith also claimed he found Khuntoria’s lock!!

For those who don’t know, Khuntoria is the coined name of the first foreign couple (Made out of 2PM’s Thai member Nichkhun and f(x)’s Chinese member Victoria) on Korean reality show We Got Married. It’s a really cute show (no matter how superficial and staged it sounds) since there’s no harm in pairing two good-looking celebrities together and making them do couple-y things together. A lot of fans who watch the show wholly believe their favourite couple should really get together in real life, but I think it’s fun just to see them interact and get to know someone new.

So when Khuntoria went to Namsan Tower, they used a really heavy duty lock and chain so that no one could steal it – and lot of locks have been chained to it since – but at least it’s still there!

To be honest, I don’t really remember what Khuntoria’s lock looks like and when I tried searching it up online, there weren’t a zillion locks attached to it yet. But Keith insists it’s the right one and I’m trusting him because he watched the show faithfully too.

Anyway, I personally think that although we were having a lot of fun, we were probably a nuisance to all the real couples there since we were pretty noisy running all over the place taking photos. :S

And then we started posing with this:

Bet you’re looking for that really ugly photo of me Chong Aik haha I WILL NOT POST IT.

Since we went at night, it was really nice to look down on the city and know that we were far up and away from bustling life. I loved how the air felt too – clean and fresher – or maybe it’s just in my head since I’ve always thought that if you are on a hill top or a mountain, the air can’t be tainted. But that is true, right? :/

But meh don’t expect a completely serene experience since the place will be filled with tourists and couples etc etc.

A board explaining the locks. Can you read the headline?? ‘A promise for endless love’.

Another thing we noticed – there are bins around for you to throw your keys into because apparently tossing them down might hit and potentially hurt someone (?). But obviously the idea of throwing your keys into a key bin isn’t as romantic as over the railings right?

One last picture before we went to seek shelter from the freezing weather!

One thing I quite like about most of the attractions in Seoul is that their cafes/eateries around aren’t too overpriced, so you can actually chill/eat there without burning a mini hole in your pocket. We stayed at this place beside the gift shop (which also sells pretty affordable, pretty souvenirs!) and Mel and Keith had beer at only 4,000 won!

Our cable car ticket.

And a really pretty post card that Keith bought  from the gift shop for his aunt! It’s really nice how the touristy Korean souvenirs at such attractions aren’t too conventional and plain-looking. I swear I was tempted to buy everything there but what would I do with them??

Really went way over budget on this trip, but I don’ t regret it since I had the time of my life.

Happy for cheap beer!

And an abrupt end to the post because I am gonna head off to sleep tonight cos I’m finally catching The Avengers tomorrow with my bro. It’s honestly the first time we’re watching a movie together because we have zero common interests in movies so I’m pretty excited.

Definitely think Namsan Tower is a place worth going though. It’s a beautiful place and even if you aren’t going with a significant half, I think it’s really great just hanging around the park or sitting at one of the cafes having coffee with friends/family. Plus, the view’s great and it isn’t too expensive going up either. 🙂 The tower actually has a lot more places inside to explore, so be sure to check them out!

Places mentioned:

Myeondong Station (명동역)

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower)

Seoul-si Yongsan-gu Yongsandong
2-ga San 1-3



  1. Pauline

    Hi, can I check with you is this love lock place also the same as where the teddy bear museum is ? Both need to take cable car ride to reach is it? Thanks 🙂

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