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Where to, now?

Weather’s perfect today after a crazy amount of rain in the morning. What followed was just pure, sweet cold air. Bliss.

It’s been a good two months after my last (okay, only) paper, Media Law, and I’ve been successfully converted into a living couch potato. I sleep in the wee hours of the morning, get up in the afternoon to inhale whatever food from the day before I can find, and then sit in front of my laptop – living my life vicariously through sitcoms and dramas. Mhmm.

Recently, Chong Aik linked me to South Korean indie band 10cm’s cover of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab, and it’s such a chill, laidback version that I can’t stop listening to it. 10cm is also widely known for their song, ‘Americano’, which has been covered by a lot of celebs in the entertainment scene. What I really like about the duo is how stripped-down and simple their music is. No auto-tuning, no electric guitar riffs etc. Just really clean, smooth sound. Makes for good rainy day music, or staring-out-of-the-window-pretending-you-are-in-a-slow-moving-movie kind of music.

From their Wiki page:

  • Kwon Jung Yeol (권정열), Main vocal, Percussion
  • Yoon Cheol Jong (윤철종), Vocal, Guitar, Tambourine

Very gratifying day to lie in bed all day, today, while I continue to unravel the mystery behind my disappearing hair ties. Seriously, where do they all go???


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  1. As childish as this sounds, I’m always so happy when you mention me in your posts! Hahahaha and I really love 10cm!

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