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✈ 서울 T R A V E L O G U E ✈ A trip to Lotte World

It’s officially been more than a month since I’ve gotten back from Seoul, and I’m still not done with my entries. But I guess I eventually will.

Passed by my kitchen noticeboard just now and saw the dates of my trip that my mum had stuck up prior to the visit. I can’t believe it all happened so fast! Someone take me back.

On the first day of our last week in Seoul, we headed to Lotte World! It has the world’s biggest indoor amusement park, and a pretty fantastic outdoor one as well!

We were deciding between Everland and Lotte World, or both, but eventually decided to just go to one since going to both would be pretty expensive.

Granted, entry to theme parks there are not as exorbitant as one trip to Resort World here.

 Making a wish at Lotte World’s very own Trevi Fountain.

The ‘Trevi Fountain’ can be found in the basement of the Lotte Mall, which is also where you can purchase tickets to Lotte World and eat at what Chong Aik calls ‘Lotte World’s macs’ – Lotteria.

They serve decent fast food but Macs in Korea is so much yummier! WE LOVE THEIR DOUBLE BULGOLGI BURGER.

An insanely pretty shop selling cute balloons, dresses, wands, hats and fuzzy animal ears that I really wanted to buy! Had to restrain myself because I knew there were more inside Lotte World.

Adult passport tickets (access on all rides) go for 40,000 won (we bought these), but you can get them at 21,000 won after 4pm. If you are just planning to go in and watch some performances/snap photos, you can buy a ticket at 21,000 won, which is about half-price.

A huge indoor ice-skating ring, surrounded by other different indoor attractions!

At first, I was wondering why the place was so small, but then I remembered that there was a whole outdoor park to explore! I’m not a huge fan of theme park rides because I don’t like roller coasters that go upside down – and all the really good ones are! Give me anything but upside down ones. I feel completely disoriented.

The stage behind had characters in costumes dancing! Some sort of performance.

Fancy-looking, probably overpriced themed restaurant!

The first ride all of us decided to go on was an indoor hot air balloon ride, which really reminds me of a similar ride in Genting I once took when I was young. It basically takes you all around the entire indoor park on an electronically-powered hot air balloon – giving you a scenic view of the entire inside of the park.

We were there on a Monday afternoon (not during the school holidays either) and the queues for rides were still generally all long. This was possibly the shortest ride we queued for. About five minutes?

Before we officially ‘take off!’

View from above! The ride isn’t shaky or anything but people who are afraid of heights might get a little intimidated since it is pretty high up.

Afterward, while Mel and Keith queued for the biggest looking indoor roller-coaster ride (The French Revolution), Chong Aik and I continued embarking on the search for more cutesy ears. There are plenty of stores selling them all around the park and most of them look similar, but if you are lucky you might find something that stands out hehe.

Brave souls queuing for a scary, upside-down ride full of twists and turns.

Was attempting to snap a shot of them when the ride went outside down, but obviously I captured nothing.

Other rides we also took inside included a really boring water raft one called The Adventures of Sindbad (cos there was no queue) – with a voiceover throughout the tunnel telling the tale, Drunken Baskets (the conventional spinning teacups ride), and another water rafting ride that is sort of like the one at Escape Theme Park in Singapore, where you sit on a raft and it goes down two water slides. It IS pretty steep, and you’ll probably get wet.

After the Drunken Baskets, I was more or less ready to puke because I was so dizzy. But I felt better after eating churros. Hahahaha.

And then we headed outside! The outdoor theme park is called Magic Land, and there are a lot of other rides out there as well. Even if you aren’t fond of rides, you can still take a lot of good pictures and soak in that magical theme park air.

We took only about two rides together, one was the Waikiki Wave, a ride that basically flips up and down, while twisting and turning. The ride is a two-row seater kind of ride, so about 10+ people fill up each side of the ride. One side faces the inside of the theme park and the other which we took faces the sea! This was pretty thrilling and SUPER COLD because the wind was blowing in every direction in our faces. I’m not a fan of rollercoasters or anything that flips upside down, but this was really fun!

The other one we took was the Crazy Bumper Car – no explanation needed there. I didn’t buckle myself in properly for this ride and ended up nursing a seriously nasty bruise on my knee. Still fun!

Mel and Keith queued for this monster of a ride, the largest in the park, called The Atlantis. It honestly doesn’t look that bad, but the thing about this ride is that it goes super, super fast. Just from looking at the ride you can already tell, but just to double confirm, I read a review over here.

And Mel was so adventurous – it being her first time on any rollercoaster!! And she tried at least three that day.

The Atlantis.

Once again, planted myself right where I could get a good view. Look how petrified Mel is! But I think they really enjoyed it. The next morning she commented on how she still saw the rollercoaster when she closed her eyes hahah.

More pictures:

And my impromptu dance outburst, as captured by Chong Aik.

Psyched Keith to join in but Mel doesn’t want to. 😦

One last picture of my awesome friends!

Lotte World has a pretty good variety of indoor and outdoor rides, but like most amusement parks, food is overpriced/don’t look remotely appetising at all. We went back to our area to eat since Lotte Mall has nothing either. They have a food basement that looks similar to Takashimaya in town, but it’s always packed in the evening.

The bottomline for Lotte World is: Queuing also takes a lot of time, so go as early as possible if you want to try as many rides as possible! I got bored pretty fast, but I still think the place is worth a visit if you’re in Seoul. Plus, it is still a lot cheaper and bigger than any attraction we have locally, so…would definitely still recommend going! 🙂

Places mentioned:

Lotte World (잠실역)

 Jamsil Station, Line 2, Exit 4


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