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Twinkle twinkle, you damn big stars (TaeTiSeo Twinkle review)

When I first heard of SM releasing an SNSD sub-unit, I was a little disgruntled (I mean, there’s no real need for a sub-unit is there?) – even more so when I heard that the unit was going to contain three of SNSD’s main vocalists, namely Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, and was going to be called TaeTiSeo. Okay…can.

Much as I love the three of them, these girls have definitely been edged just that little more into the limelight among the other girls in the group with their solo projects. With Tiffany being one of the SNSD members with a core MC-ing career for a long time now (From her early days as a co-host on Mnet’s Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso to dazzling Music Core viewers alongside Yuri, as well as various ceremonies and events), Taeyeon’s various features on OSTs for her stellar voice, and Seohyun steadily garnering attention ever since her Goguma days with Yonghwa of CN Blue – it is safe to say that these girls aren’t falling short of any attention when compared to certain other members in the group.

Yet, I was curious to see what they had to deliver. The early concept pictures were definitely…mind-boggling. I wasn’t digging the Alice in Wonderland-ish concept at all, and this teaser looked like an oddly mashed Photoshopped picture of an amateur trying to show off his new skills. And are Taeyeon and Seohyun sharing a fringe dress made of…hair?

Also somewhat resembled the kind of banners that you find on top of Blogskins.

But then Taeyeon’s teaser rolled along and I was completely sold. Completely! The girl’s got some major alluring power. Replayed her teaser only about 10,000 times just to watch her perfect hands-on-hips strut and fingers-under-chin come hither teasing gesture. Loved Tiffany’s teaser too (Pretty!!!). Seohyun’s? Meh…


And when the MV was released, I threw all initial rational and disgruntled thoughts out the window.

It also suddenly struck me how perfect TaeTiSeo (still trying to stomach the name, but then again I am still trying to stomach SHINee.) was as a sub-unit group. Taeyeon and Tiffany, having gone through rounds of their joint ‘solo’ performances of Lady Maramalade in their poofy skirts and corset-tightened waists while touring during the Girls’ Generation concerts last year, were ideal candidates for the group’s concept – which spanned a very 20th century Moulin Rouge feel. The trio also reminded me of 2006’s musical film Dreamgirls, also of three girls set against the 60’s and 70’s glitz and glamour of musicals and broadway music. It’s an era I love, and for sure a concept I wholly support for SM’s unit.

It is no secret that Taeyeon’s vocals are top-notch and a need for a song like Twinkle, or it might otherwise fall into the league of catchy, repetitive sounding jingles (Sarang is move move?).

Though I still harbour thoughts that fellow member Jessica would have fit the concept better given her doll-like looks, equally bouncy, wavy hair, and position as one of the leading vocalists in SNSD as well, Seohyun does somewhat oddly fit in. While it’s more or less a given that Seobaby is never going to be completely comfortable on stage in my eyes, it does somehow fit her image as a performer, one who is earnest and honestly just enjoys performing for what it is, not forcing herself to blend in completely with the different images her company molds her toward. If the other two girls are the natural divas of the group, she helps tone down the overall unbashedly flirty group image, coming off more saccharine than sexy.

Possibly Seohyun’s edgiest moment in the MV. Hur.

And though I still yearn for a possibly more unpredictable sub-unit in the future now that SNSD has broken out of its performing-as-nine rut, for now, am completely digging these already bright stars. Don’t just twinkle girls, dazzlingly blind us all!

Also, Michy and I covered Twinkle today after months of not doing a cover together. We had fun, tell us what you think!



  1. Deanna

    Aw you guys sound great!! And I agree as much as I adore Seohyun I think Jessica would have fit right in omg

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