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Because photos on the go capture most

Life in Instagram/iPhone pictures:

At Popeye’s for dinner one rare evening I got to eat with both my parents.

Super cute! H&M dino tube top

My growing collection of pouches. The dark pink one at the bottom is from Fi and the one with the little head is the only Japanese souvenir to make it back because Stef left the rest in her hotel room during her holiday in Japan. LOL.

A picture outside Universal Studios Singapore – which I have yet to visit. Tried to capture the entire word but it was too sunny when I took this to see properly + I was anxious in trying to get the shot right.

My current favourite ring is another one of mum’s many creations – a Swarovski button wire-wrapped ring! Anyone interested in placing a personalised order with her? I can’t believe they aren’t more popular.

At the TP Alumni band concert this evening with friends.

Finally headed down to TP to collect my graduation robe today (at an exorbitant rental price) for graduation on the 23rd. I can’t believe we’re closing in on half of 2012 already. Looking back on the past few months and a bit of 2011…sometimes I feel a little bewildered at the decisions I made back then. The good thing is, I don’t regret the major ones because if they involved people, everyone is happier now. If they involved material things, school, direction – I’ve ultimately found another way out myself.

It feels good to be free and so liberated – but at the same time work and school still weighs itself at the back of my mind. I’m at this point of life where I can do anything I want, and it’s such an exhilarating feeling, but I know better than to abuse this freedom. I hope everything sorts itself out soon enough. And I’m thankful for my family and friends every single day of my life for keeping me grounded – every time I wonder why I can’t be doing something more, I think of possibly not having them by my side and that is enough to snap me out of delusional thoughts.

Reflections aside, back to my endless shows to accompany me through the night! ^^



    • Thanks! She does make Swarovski earrings too, usually the dangly ones though! Don’t know if she has experimented with studs.

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