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K-pop girl groups that seem Japanese

There are a crazy amount of K-pop groups that are leaning toward their Japanese market by releasing Japanese version of their Korean albums (Read: SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior, DBSK…okay almost every active SM band alive as an example) – even the somewhat newer B1A4 is currently preparing for their Japanese album to be released, close to a year after their debut.

But one thing that really amazes me is how well girl groups like KARA and T-ara pull off Japanese songs. For one thing, besides the fact that all of KARA sound really good at singing Japanese songs and speaking the language, their Korean hits already sound Japanese. Songs like Mister, Jumping and Step all have a distinct Jap sound because they are all electronic dance-y numbers. And even if Hara doesn’t look like Namie Amuro, her stick-straight long hair, tiny frame and huge eyes make her look like someone directly out of a slow-moving Japanese romance (or horror) movie.

And T-ara…I thought that the Korean lyrics of Roly Poly were incredibly catchy enough, now I’m almost completely won over by their Japanese version of the song.

What is this sorcery!


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