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✈ 서울 T R A V E L O G U E ✈ Kitties Galore II – Cats Living in Hongdae (홍대)

After visiting the Hello Kitty cafe that day, we did a bit of shopping in the rain and then proceeded on to look at real cats.

One of the things I was looking forward to in Seoul was visiting a real cat cafe. Before going there, I looked up a few online and this seemed to be one of the more popular ones since it was located in the main shopping area and also beside the Hello Kitty cafe, which was another attraction.

Cats Living Cafe:

My very first pic was one of Keith camwhoring with the first kitty he saw. Look at how cute it is!! And obviously not caring about the attention Keith was lavishing on it.

Besides another couple and two girls, I think we were the only ones in the cafe that day! And it stayed that way throughout our visit too. Entry into cat/dog cafes around Seoul all cost around the same – 8,000 won, inclusive of a drink, and you can stay as long as you like. Plus, the place is really clean and doesn’t smell weird or anything. You have to leave your shoes outside and wear the slippers they provide, and also keep your belongings into a cubby so that the felines don’t claw them up.

I was in kitty heaven! Look at the amount of different species of cats they have – and they’re all incredibly fluffy. Most of them were fast asleep though, probably because of the rainy weather outside.

Kitties galore!!!

The thing about cats though, they aren’t incredibly friendly by nature since they tend to be more aloof and haughty. Unlike dogs who wag their tails happily and love clamouring you for attention, cats are the complete opposite. In fact, the attention-clamouring usually comes from us humans! Aren’t they smart! Plus, the cats in the cafe all belonged to the cafe owner and are probably used to a lot of people coming in everyday to pet  them.

But once they warm up to you, they’ll come over on their own to curiously sniff you or sit around/on you.

When we first got there, most of them were just ignoring us but after a while they started coming toward our table!

This one cat jumped onto our table and started licking the exterior of my cup! Guess it was thirsty.

Then it went on to claw at my DSLR bag sigh.

And the furry grey cat that Keith loved came over and plopped itself on a mat near us! We wanted to play with it until we realised it wasn’t gonna move at all. -.- Stayed in its position almost throughout our entire time there.

Was asking it to smile for the camera and I guess this is the best I’ve got?

Tried making friends with this cat.


And out of nowhere, this munchkin kitty came out!!!!!! ISN’T IT THE MOST ADORABLE KITTEH IN THE WORLD OF KITTEHS.

Munchkin cats aren’t actually a specific breed of cats, they’re a result of ginetic mutation – explaining their short legs! But it’s been proven that their short legs don’t hinder them in any way or put them at a risk of any bone disease.

The cats also somehow really loved my jacket and the munchkin one crawled inside the back of mine and sat there for a good while. I have no idea why.

Using my jacket as a bait to get the cats over.

Feeding time – which brings out ALL the cats. Check out the other short-legged kitty. Hehe.

I really like how fluffy most of the cats there were – obviously stray cats here aren’t of similar fluff consistency. I blame it on the weather. And I miss em furry friends already. 😦


I also have to add that…the toilet was really clean! I like it a whole lot more than the one back at our hostel.

Places mentioned:

Cats Living

Directions via here.

Or you could just find your way there right beside the Hello Kitty cafe!



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