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Organised clutter

1. Magazines I hoard + 1Q84 + prized SHINee in Barcelona travel guide I will use someday.

2. Some new/old books: Sundays at Tiffany’s (bleurgh read), One Day (decent), The Great Gatsby (Sam’s rave, yet-to-read), I’m Still Here (mellow birthday novella from Jean), The Undomestic Goddess (Keith’s recommendation, best chick lit ever!), Just Imagine (Any Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel is a girly Godsend).

3/4. Tidying my makeup stash – more than half of which I barely use because I am lazy. The only thing I religiously use now is the Sugar Rose Fresh Lip Treatment because it smells super good and is very, very moisturising. (via here)

And yes that is a framed photo of Onew. 왜요?

5. My Little Pony (from Macs’ Happy Meals a long time ago) guardians of my shelf.

6. Nail polish I never use anymore. Someone take them off me please.

7. Found a great new way to organise my rings/hair thingums with these tiny containers my dad brought home.

8. My very own stub memory box – I think I keep almost every single movie stub after a show after looking at this person’s incredibly cool montage of em…but then again it looks like it won’t happen anytime soon.

9. Bags I use regularly shoved in an organised heap under my table. The rest of my bags are hidden in a dark corner. :/

10. In the process of moving my K-pop CDs from a box to my shelf to let them see the light of day. Which CD catches your eye first?

Also spending my afternoon reading online magazines set up by dedicated people and K-pop news sites. I’m so inspired!! Maybe I can just write for free forever, so long as I am driven by passion, right?

K-pop news sites:

Online magazines recommended by Sam. I owe her my life for all the amazing online content she bestows upon me:




    • I’m halfway through now! It’s really good! ^^ And I love ALEXIS but I think my shelf is gonna break soon from the weight hahahah

      • Oh did you hear? We’re moving online, and will release print versions bi-annually. You can contribute too if you want 🙂

      • Really? I didn’t know! That’s a good idea though. So much more convenient too.

        I just went to check out the website and it has changed so much. Would love to contribute in the future too, thanks for letting me know hehe.

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