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Dance in Denim

If there is one thing that captures my attention with advertisements/commercials – it’s innovation and creativity. It’s a given that there are a quite a number of decently marketed ones out there, good enough to sell said product/service, but I was seriously enraptured by this commercial after seeing someone post it on YouTube a while back:

(via here)

For Levi’s Spring 2012 collection, they teamed up with the Korea National Ballet to promote their new Stretch-to-Fit Jeans. And what better, aesthetically pleasing way to do that than have two good-looking, young ballerinas to prance around the streets of Seoul in these new babies – showing off just how amazingly high they can jump/split in mid-air/extend their leg across pavements etc.

While the commercial’s purpose is to demonstrate how stretchy and comfortable the denim material of the jeans is, what I really want is to make my Entrée now.

Also, the weather is getting seriously ridiculous. Seated comfortably in my room and all I can feel are the heat waves radiating in from outside.


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