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Of lunches & a mini movie review: The Lucky One

A breather from all the Seoul posts I am churning out! I met up with Taufiq and Chong Aik this afternoon for Thai food from Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Towers.

I’ve only been there once before, with my colleagues from Simply Her when I was still interning at SPH last year, but that one trip (which everyone was raving about on the way there) was really satisfying!! I’m not a huge fan of Thai food, though I like Pad Thai and Thai chicken, but the food there is really yummy and affordable. Order the Butter Calamari when you are there! It was our favourite item on the menu.

We also found out that the place was coincidentally where Chong Aik’s mum was working, and also where he is working part time, so we were basically going back on his off day ha ha.

I haven’t seen Taufiq in ages before this – so it was really nice to meet up with him again! 🙂 Also, I know that life has been quite a bumpy ride for you lately, but I’m really glad that you’re getting back on track well and I really enjoyed today! I love our coming-up-with-random-indie-songs thing – I HOPE YOU’VE WATCHED UNDERWATER ALREADY!

In the evening, I caught the premiere of The Lucky One starring Zac Efron with Justine – and I was really disappointed with the movie. 😦 I’ve read a fair share of Nicholas Sparks’ novels but I haven’t really watched movie adaptations except A Walk To Remember and The Notebook, and only liked the first.

The Lucky One is a movie about a U.S Marine who finds a picture of a girl while on duty in Iraq, and it becomes his lucky charm after he can’t find its owner – even surviving combat which has his friends killed. So he basically goes back home and starts looking for this person, whom he eventually falls in love with, only to be met with a couple of typical complications along the way.

I found the movie way too draggy, with no real substance. I guess the plot works really well as a romance novel, but as a 1.5 hour film, it dragged on way too long. The scenes were all very Sparks – a beautiful house amongst a grassy, forested area, poignant scenes of boating on a lake, farm-like work in the dog kennels where the leads worked at – but the characters’ personalities were paper-thin and had no real room for any development. Justine did comment that both Dear John and The Last Song were worse though, but I have no idea and I guess I will not be finding out.

And after hearing that Zac Efron was buffing up for a role as a U.S Marine I was pretty psyched – but he just looks a little older and chubbier in this film. 17 again was so much better.

Also! Sometime not too long ago, visited Hatched with Stef! It’s an all day-breakfast place specialising in eggs located at Evans Road…which is near the Botanic Gardens, but almost impossible to walk. Your best bet is to drive in or take a cab.

The place is really tiny – they can probably fit slightly under 50 people max? So make a reservation if you are going in a bigger group. It’s also pricey for its portions, and far out, so I wouldn’t make another trip there unless it’s in a bigger group or if someone’s driving (speaking of which, I am signing up for my BTT finally!).

Sir Benedict yum.



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