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Cat cafes in Hongdae: Hello Kitty Cafe

New post!!! *Throws confetti* With lots and lots and lots of pictures.

I do not apologise for the obscene amount of pink in this post although it might temporarily cause your vision to be swirly and dotted with sparkly stuff and My Little Ponies because…

On yet another really cold day (and to top it off, it was raining), we headed down to Hongdae to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe and a cat cafe (!!!!) called Cats Living. We also visited a dog cafe in the vicinity called Bau House on another day – both will probably be in separate entries since there are a crazy amount of cat/dog pictures. Exciting.

There are several stations that can get you there – we got off at Hongik University Station, Exit 5, but you can also head there from Hapjeong Station or Sangsu Station.

The place is pretty difficult to find – we relied on directions online from people who have visited the cafe before and Google Maps – but it was still tricky. We had to hide in a 7-11 for a bit cos we were lost and it was cold. 😦 We even contemplated looking for a BBQ place to eat lunch first – but we finally found it! It’s located in an uphill alley alongside a row of boutiques and shops.


How many times have I seen this picture on Tumblr!!! I’m finally posting my own. But okay the opened garage-looking shutters are quite ugly so maybe it won’t make it on Tumblr.

The cafe sells mostly desserts and coffees, with some really cute kitty-themed ones. But all of us were starving after walking in the rain so we wanted to eat real food. 😦

Pictures of the second floor of the cafe:

That’s my throne.

See! Boys come here too. In fact, there was a huge group of students that were chilling there after school.

Was giving these girls the evil eye cos they were taking the spot I wanted.

Free Wi-Fi sign behind us! Password is kittyroxxxx or something nah I kid.

But really it’s kitty I..think.

Ok and because this post is super pink and I’m beginning to strain MY own eys blogging, something for you to laugh at:

We were supposed to take Vogue-worthy shots outside the toilet and I don’t know why Mel looks the same in both – faceless, when I looked…hen mei.

Pictures of the toilet’s interior! I snapped all these when a woman was coming in, as you can see:

But since I was already embarrassing myself, I proceeded further.

Think she went out at this point. Overwhelmed, maybe?

So after being satisfied that I had a zillion photos of every nook and cranny of the place, I finally made it back to our table! Honestly, I do like Hello Kitty but I am not that mad over it – I guess it’s the novelty of the place that caused my zealous snapshot outburst.

Food pictures:

My cafe latte! I ordered this because of the art okay. I wasn’t sure if the mocha would come with it and I really wanted a mocha. 😦

Keith and Mel had the same drink! Some green tea thing. It’s a bit messed up because I think he just wanted to drink it without taking a photo LOL.

Because we were really hungry, we didn’t order any desserts and settled for the most food-food thing there – hotdogs. Haha overpriced I think.

And yes, Chong Aik was there with us:

See! He was just being nice and bothering to look after our stuff while I dragged the rest around.

Although the cafe is really pretty, the food and drinks aren’t that fantastic and I found the place a little bit too stuffy. It was raining really heavily outside when we were there and though thankfully it wasn’t cold inside, the air was really stale. :/ Prices are average – a little bit on the expensive side I guess, since it’s a novelty cafe!

There are other Hello Kitty Cafes around Seoul, one like I mentioned in a previous entry in Hyehwa and another one in Sinchon, though I think this is the biggest outlet. The cafe also sells rather reasonably priced (compared to the food) merchandise like cute mugs, which we were tempted to get – but luckily didn’t. Would probably just sit somewhere in our kitchens for nothing.

Still, worth a visit for the coffee art and about 100x photos of your face accompanied by blindingly gay backgrounds you can boast about because well, mos people would probably have a lot of Hello Kitty fans, right? 😉

Hongdae is also a hotspot for youths, and it’s pretty happening on Fridays and weekends because of its lively night life. There are a lot of bars and clubs in the area, and also quite a number of shops to see – though prices are steeper – I bought clothes from there that were at least 8,000 won cheaper around Ewha Womans University.

Off to bed to sleep off the pink overdose! xx

Places mentioned:

Hongik University Station (홍대입구역)

Hello Kitty Cafe, Seoul 358-112 Seogyo

Directions from EatYourKimchi here



  1. There are so many cute cafe’s in Hongdae… Have you been to the Hoho Myoll Cafe or Cafe 1010? Hello Kitty is definitely one my favourites though 🙂

    • Hi there! I haven’t been to the two you’ve mentioned – are they very good too? And yes I agree that Hongdae has so many cute cafes!! There’s just not enough time to check out all of them. 😦

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