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What a lazy bum I am + more EXO fangirl talk

From Chong Aik’s WordPress:

“But this will all change soon as I start hiphop open classes with Chia! I really can’t wait although I’m beginning to doubt my body, and how I possibly have forgotten whatever we learnt last year. To think about it, we haven’t been dancing for four months now! OMG

The dance is really fun although I really really believe you need to have swag to look good doing it – of which I possess none. It’s probably something you have to be born with. But we all dance cos we love it, anyway.”

Reading Chong Aik’s blog makes me realise what a total sloth I’ve been ever since the end of Hip Hop & Street Jazz II classes. How the heck did I get through so many classes and still feel like I have two left feet?

Our intention of heading to open class right after was shelved for months on end since we were both busy with school/internship. So next week we will be heading back after a gazillion years and praying that we don’t both crack something.

Been spending the last few days watching EXO vids and because of EXO-K’s evident popularity over EXO-M at the moment, I’ve been watching more of the Mandarin group’s interviews in China to see how they are faring – and they are superbly awkward I can’t help squirming. Fingers crossed that open up a bit more because it’s gonna be to their disadvantage if they remain too quiet…like MC-asks-a-question-and-silence-all-around-for-10-seconds quiet.

But so far, they’re the first group I’ve seen to be so incredibly shy and I quite like them because they don’t seem to realise how big they are going to become yet.

While everyone’s attracted to the pretty boys, I find myself drawn to the quietest of em all (prolly also cos of the language barrier): Chen!


One of the two Korean members of EXO-M and also the main vocalist.

Patiently awaiting the arrival of both my EXO-K and EXO-M’s mini albums! Sigh what is money?

The good news is I got off my butt today – long enough to head down to the library to borrow um, lots of chick lit. Kudos for my supposed dose of reading intellect.




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