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CDL E-Generation Challenge 2012

A post to show I don’t spend ALL my days sleeping at home. Hehe.

Last Saturday, I dragged my ass out of bed for the sportiest thing I’ve done in three years after secondary school – taking part in the 2012 CDL E-Generation challenge.


Joining the challenge was a pretty last minute decision for Jonathan and I because we were the last two names to make up the 10! The other members were all from the Yuying alumni group and they needed more participants.

The event is basically a race organised in conjunction with Earth Day, where 30+ teams of 10 answer quiz questions and run around different assigned areas completing whatever we were tasked to. Each team was divided into three further environmental themed sub groups – Water & Biodiversity, Food & Waste and Shelter & Energy. Along with Jonathan, my cousin Ben and Michelle, I picked the first!


Hilarious photo of us at the starting line! We were team #1 and I remember being so pleased because in all my life I’ve never been team #1 for anything!


Photo the CDL team snapped of us while we were trekking MacRitchie Reservoir.

Honestly, my fitness level is…terrible. Hahaha I have no idea how I managed to survive the entire day! Kudos to the other sub teams because when we bumped into them they looked like they really did a lot of running. Taking part in this event also makes me miss the days back in Yuying where we had so many sporty activities and camps. It was also nice to see all the juniors once again.


Group shot of Team Boltz!


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