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EXO: Making History

This is a Kpop post!

Just finished watching the showcase of SM’s new boyband, EXO!!

The very first song I’ve heard from this group, or two groups rather, since they are split into EXO-K and EXO-M respectively for their debut and subsequent promotions, (although I am sure they will release an album as one ASAP! I especially like how they introduce themselves as ONE EXO in their greeting to fans) is ‘What Is Love’. I really liked it, probably because it sounds so much like DBSK’s ‘Before You Go’ – a sleek, R&B number peppered with the right amount of vocal power.

But of course, I was also worried that this was what SM was out to do, create another powerhouse group to replicate Suju in number and DBSK in vocal range, possibly not giving them an opportunity to create their own identity. Also, no kidding when people say they are blown away by the awesomeness of their singing, dancing, etc but at the same time are still totally confused by the management of both groups – at least hopefully just now for.

‘What Is Love’ is the first song released to the public by EXO, but it isn’t their debut single or anything, so I guess it’s a prologue (?????). Their second prologue (????), ‘History’, was also released soon after, and it sounded very DBSK ‘Rising Sun’ ish once again. Still not a problem with me since I loved ‘Rising Sun’ too, but I was still wondering how to distinguish EXO as a group.

So I watched this (all other parts found on YouTube):

Which also allowed me to watch a rerun of all the gazillion teasers EXO released, along with all their really good soon-to-be released-but-not-all-are-going-to-be-on-their-first-mini-album-why-you-showcase-them-so-early-then songs. And really, not a single song is bad and they all sound like they have potential to become big hits, not saying this just because they obviously featured only the hooks of each song.

Also, there’s the whole thing about getting to know each EXO member beyond their stellar good looks. I can name most of the members after watching the showcase (and some receiving obvious repetitive exposure) but I’m really hoping they’ll all turn out to be quite funny individuals with interesting personalities. Personally, I don’t think Super Junior has the best songs, but they all have character (Leeteuk, Shindong and Eeteuk doing their Boom Academy thing on Strong Heart), which has sustained them after so long.

So for people who like good ballads and up-tempo music with really, really catchy beats, they’ll really like EXO. For me, I already know I am a fan.

I like what I hear and I cannot deny their pretty boy looks.

Not the best picture but a compilation of all the members from here!

Now off to watch EXO-K’s debut on Inkigayo~


Their first interview on Inki! So cute how nervous they are.



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