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✈ Travelling Phuket ✈ Patong beach, more food & trip’s end

This will be the last of my Phuket posts, finally! This entry will be a really short one, because we basically didn’t do anything during our last two days there.

On our second last day in Phuket, we decided to drive out to Patong Beach, which is actually pretty far from where we stayed. The drive took a good hour or so and I pretty much just slept the entire way there.

Cute Thai kids that my mum somehow managed to attract with food. I love how carefree their lives are – and how awfully simple their mindsets are.  🙂

Ugly photo of myself eating. HAHAH. Look at my dad so cute.

Patong Beach is pretty and clean but unless you want to tan or swim, there really isn’t much to do there. There are a row of shops opposite the beach that you can visit, but prices are marked up since it’s a tourist spot, so you’ll be better off someplace else if you want to shop.

Stopped by a street with factory stores!

Didn’t buy anything cos it’s usually the sports stuff that’s marked down, but there are quite a lot of other clothing brands there too! I think I was just too lazy to look around.

Drove to an outdoor BBQ buffet place for dinner! It’s crazily cheap, about S$5 per head I think. I have no idea how they earn money!

Was pretty grossed out that a piece of lard is used to oil the surface of the BBQ pit thing (which is really oddly shaped right? How does one balance food atop the circular area!?) but then again, oil is lard.

A Christmas tree cos it was almost Christmas.

And I think this was my dad sitting back and waiting to have food bestowed upon him.

I remember not eating very much for dinner at all cos the journey to the place was way too long and I felt a little carsick. Headed to a little market for a bit more shopping after dinner and then we just headed home after. The next day was a little more shopping, saying goodbye to the puppies, and then heading to the airport to fly back home. 😦

Although the trip was a really short one and in the midst of a major school deadline (which I was worrying over on my laptop every single night while the rest of my family slept!), I still managed to enjoy myself tremendously. The hospitality that the Thais showed us was impeccable, and I love how they do not get irritable or annoyed easily although they have crazy amount of traffic on the roads every single day. Many thanks to Prasit, who was such an amazing guide throughout the trip!! Although you speak zero English, you still managed to reach out to us and made all of us feel incredibly at home. I truly hope you felt the same way since you will never read this!

And to our host, thank you for giving us an incredible experience and taking us out every single day although we were probably disrupting your regular daily routine. Thank you for buying us breakfast every single day and sitting on the back of the pick-up whenever we drive out because it’s crazily sunny and you want us to be in air-con comfort. I really miss the short few days we had over at your place, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Till we meet again (SOON!).

Missing these pups 😦 Although they are probably big now and separated in different homes.



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