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✈ 서울 T R A V E L O G U E ✈

I am on a roll!

Right after finishing my Phuket posts after a good three months (I am a terrible blogger), I feel inspired to get started on my Seoul ones – and hopefully this feeling lasts till the end of this entry before it transits into laziness – for today at least.

But in all honesty, I really like blogging because it combines three core elements that I love:

1. Writing

2. Photos

3. Being able to share the thoughts I want to share with people

So before I digress any further, on March 19, about a good seven months after booking this trip, three friends and I left Singapore for a two-week vacation in Seoul – something I’ve been dreaming about for years now.

Unlike any other trip I have gone on, going to Seoul is something extremely close to my heart because of the great love I have for the culture, music, and entertainment. And I won’t deny that the latter makes up a huuuuge portion of why I have grown so attached to Kimchi culture okay!

Also, I never imagined I’d go to Seoul anytime soon because firstly, I have always believed that I’ll never save enough to pay for an entire trip and its expenses on my own (which I didn’t, because my parents thankfully helped) and also…well, the thought has never really settled itself properly in my mind at all.

I know this sounds like a lot of thinking going into this one trip, but a lot really did cross my mind! Still, am really glad the trip happened, and I’m super glad to say that I feel like I have more or less wholly experienced everything I’ve wanted to :’)

It’s virtually impossible for me to do a day-by-day break-down, so I will basically just blog about the highlights/interesting points of the trip.

Before any proper posts, some photos from my iPhone cam roll/Instagram throughout the two weeks.

After the six hour ish flight that I felt crazily crappy throughout cos I was still suffering from stomach flu. Chong Aik was nice enough to tolerant my constant futile toilet trips (I had a window seat, also thanks to him!! ❤ but totally inconvenient that day of course) and semi entertain me when he wasn’t sleeping so yay!

My first shot of two very tired people in Incheon Airport, although Keith just looks puzzled.

Our small, but decent room in Bong House. The guys took the top bunks for our convenience’s sake so sweet once again ❤

Streets of pretty Hwehya (혜화) that we walked down daily.

Our favourite coffee place there.

M Countdown queuing~

Namsan Tower!

Aegyo attempt…failing miserably.

Maccas in Myeongdong (명동)

Late night fried chicken mm.

I’ve seen a photo of this cafe on Tumblr a gazillion times okay and this is my own proof shot I’ve been there! *tears dramatically*

Was being nice and trying to help snap more Tumblr-worthy shots (check out my added filter and all!) but bah look at the plastic surgery ad around the top left.


Sweet, sugary goodness. :’)

The day we got our hair done..

…Then CA and I went out for coffee and a pretzel when the rest were sleeping.

Kitty ears at Lotte World!

I really like this photo! Haha beer supposedly goes well with the fried chicken we were eating but Keith and I didn’t have any cos we hate the taste :S

Lopsided Lee Jinki because it refuses to rotate in WordPress and I insist on putting it up anyway.

My ultra cute T-money card!

Long-ass ice cream that was more ice than cream.

Delish breakfast.

Cutest doggy ever at dog cafe Bau House.

Street food !

At a Korean public bath house, also known as a Jjimjilbang (찜질방)

Abrupt end because I am going to sleep. Proper posts soon!

Goodnightttt xx



  1. Awww so glad you finally posted something substantial! Because as I always say, I love reading your posts!

    Hahaha and I’m sure you really meant three other friends in your introduction because I don’t remember having a fourth friend around. :/ This makes me miss Hyehwa soooo much, I’m tearing happy tears. :’)

    • The referral to myself as a third person never dies, Chong Aik!!!!!


      And I really miss Hyehwa too. I want to go back!


      • LOL LIKE SOMETHING I CAN ACTUALLY READ! LOL Four friends and I. ^^

        Me too! I miss my good pretzels. 😥

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