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✈ Travelling Phuket ✈ (Day 2 & 3)

While we were there, we ate out every single day or bought food back – not that I really minded because I didn’t want to trouble my uncle’s friend to cook for us every single day. Plus the food was sooooo good that I was afraid we would be overeating!

Out of all the places we ate at, we went back to MK Restaurant, a steamboat place that has a chain of outlets around Thailand, thrice! My sister really loved the food hahah and my parents loved the chilli. I think that really contributed to all our trips there. Guess the reason why we didn’t exactly have a steamboat dinner this year for CNY was cos we were all still wading in steamboat heaven from the trip.

Day 2

I happily started boiling the water before we even ordered anything and by the time the food came the water was like…woo.

Deciding what to order!! Haha I love how it’s all in sets so you can just say “I want one set of the veggies” or “I want the chicken”.

Anyway we ordered the veggies to look healthy but I only ended up eating the tofu and corn cos there was an overload of leafy veg!

Egg tofu, udon, prawn fish cakes? Haha looks really gross and uncooked here but it was yummy in the end.

Other table got their food before ours so this was me trying to be as much of a nuisance as possible.

I love how they have that little pull-out tray for their pot covers so I don’t have those awkward ‘where do I place this?’ moments.

Shopped around and then at night, we ate at an open-air eatery close to where we stayed.

Owned by a Chinese family – maybe we are similar in how there are CNY decorations up ALL year. Haha.

Our fantastic guides ordering more food for us.Was actually still stuffed from lunch at this point! I swear all we did was eat and eat and eat throughout the trip. It’s a wonder I didn’t gain more weight.

Haha my dad showing off some pictures he took.

I love how he was super happy during the whole trip – it’s rare seeing him so relaxed.

Day 3

Got up to find that the puppies were let out in the living room area! They were usually placed in soft doggy bed thing all huddled together sleeping. It was a really cute sight and they all just wriggle around. :’)

This was the biggest puppy! And I’ve never held such a young puppy before. He’s soft and really warm and just sleeps in your palms. Plus he can’t bark yet so all he does is yip. TOO CUTEEEE.

Since the family already has two dogs, this little guy was the only one they were going to keep! Dogs are sold really cheaply in Thailand. Each puppy was going for only S$20. 😦 Wish I could have kept one.

One of the smaller, pretty female puppies!

Left the house after a long hard battle at trying to part with the pups.

Breakfast! Can you guess what this is?

I really like authentic Thai food there because it’s all reasonably priced and they use a lot of spices to make their dishes tasty.

Finished eating and went to the Phuket Aquarium!

They have this at the Underwater World in Sentosa here as well but the one they had there was much smaller! Still, there was quite a bit to see and entry is only about S$4!!!

Really scary-looking deep water fish.

Why we shouldn’t toss garbage into the sea.

I stared at this display for quite a bit because it was portraying the height of the tsunami disaster then. Even though it’s just a display it does look pretty scary doesn’t it?

Hahah sloth looking fish.



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