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This is not goodbye

Realised how self-indulgent the last post with my hugeass picture was so here I am shifting the post down with a short, new one!

It’s only a couple more days till my only and final Law paper and so far, I can only say that I am glad it is going to be an open-book test. I honestly am semi irked at myself for the measly amount of effort I actually put into my studies but with the holidays this close…haha okay who am I kidding of course I’ll be well prepped by Wednesday. 😉

I am really going to miss everyone.. it hasn’t quite sunk in that over means over yet and much as I hate to admit it, I know that it is going to be hard for everyone to meet up together once school’s officially out, especially with our own commitments. I only ask that each of you guys never forget the amazing memories we’ve built together and allow them to take a special place in your heart always.

Pictures from everywhere:

Some snapshots of our completed magazine that we slaved nights over :’)

Jul’s Him/Her page!

Stef and Fi’s work of art! Our food pages.

Our beloved cover story! ^^

Top Table on the last week of school. A group of people I will always love and miss.

Spring Awakening with Keith! It was a great production by PANGdemonium, and I look forward to going to more plays put up by them. The only other play I’ve heard from them was Full Monty, but I heard they had a few others too! And sigh Nathan Hartono is really gorgeous. Of course, the rest of the cast members are nothing short of amazing too!

BFF Laihan, who has gotten prettier and wiser and blah blah haha I am gonna miss you when you leave again. 😦

Random iPhone pics at night.

Back to my notes ~~~~


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