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I am blessed, happy birthday to me! (Insanely long post)

Lengthy picture-y post ahead since I haven’t been able to blog properly in the past week.

So on Thursday, I finally turned 2-0. I wouldn’t say I was anticipating it since I am officially in my twenties oh Lord…but despite the deadlines on Wednesday and Friday (Must be sick of seeing that word appear here by now), I’m really glad that I found time to have dinner with friends & family.

Thanks for the surprise on Fri :’) Especially to everyone involved in the coordinating. Was so sure that I was going to stay in school hugging Stop Press 4 life but thanks to my awesome group members I managed to make it on time for dinner at Sarang – where I found all the poly peeps there waiting to surprise me with Cher! Love you all!!!

Pictures on Thursday itself when my dear groupmates and I trooped to Ikea after school to scarf down meatballssss to celebrate before heading to Fi’s to do work.

Fi is now an iPhone convert, despite a very disgruntled Julia.

With the Yuying bunch at Timbre that night.

Timbre has changed quite a bit – they’ve replaced their menus with iPads at every table and orders are sent directly to the kitchen. They’ve also set up water barrels at the counter so people can help themselves. Great way to cut costs, I suppose.

Duck pizza!

Pretty cake from The Icing Room – thank you Hannie.

Happy birthday to me!

Thank you Lai Han for dedicating Drops of Jupiter to me!! I heard the singer announce she was going to sing it but I didn’t know it was your request. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you dear girl.

Went to Starbucks after for abit which erupted a series of funny shots from the friends.

D has the cutest expressions!!

LOL pimp

I don’t even know what is going on in this photo haha. And check out Lai Han’s multi-coloured BB please.

Pictures from Friday!

So cute this girl!

Thank you girls for everything!

One of the cutest couples I know – Dee & Eden!

It’s been a blast, thank you guys so much. โค



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