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Things to look forward to


Some of my all-time favourite people from YouTube are coming down to Singapore on the 28th Feb. Sniffling in happiness. I am going to meet the awesome people behind WongFuProductions! In the meantime, I shall devise something coherent to ask them when I do meet them.

And also, before meeting the boys of WongFu, my final K-pop concert for a while (hopefully): Super Show 4 on February 18th and 19th! Going for the show on the 19th with Jo Ann woohooo and it’s the last time we’re seeing some of them boys before they hit military service in Korea for real.

I swear the amount of performing events I have gone for in the past year is insane, but although people are always baffled at the amount of money I spend, I haven’t regretted going for a single one. In all seriousness (fan-girl talk aside) it’s pretty spectacular to see huge set-ups at concert venues and the effort invested into putting up every single production. Most people have things they splurge on – and what I buy myself are the experiences and memories I take away from seeing/listening to the artistes I grew up with live. Sometimes, I wonder if the reason why I am so spurred on to attend such expensive concerts is due to my secret innate desire to perform too. To stand on a stage as big and grand as the ones I see, performing to a sold-out audience who pay an obscene amount of money just to see me!

To dream is bliss.

Sooooo with those motivating factors coupled with my trip to K-land, the next four or five weeks are gonna be nothing but little bridges to cross. Btw, attempting to spring-clean my laptop now – or my Documents to be exact. I can’t believe the maze of folders within folders I have.

Truly stuck in document and photo limbo.




  1. Hahaha I do think you want to be up there too! You might get scouted in Korea, Rachel! Just sing whenever we’re outside so people will appreciate your talented voice! 😀 Hahahah and dance to love on top at life cafes or outside the YG building or something. Okay, that was long. ❤ you!

      • I know I can never be a superstar LOL. The next best thing would be to groom stars! Wish I had the capital and backing though. And it’s okay, let’s do that! We could get on YouTube!

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