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✈ Travelling Phuket ✈ Of Buddhist temples & The Big Buddha (Part II)

I swear blogging about my entire Phuket trip is gonna take me forever – now I know how hard it is to document trips! Respect to all travel bloggers. But because this was a special one to me, I shall attempt to complete it ASAP so I won’t forget any important details. But then again, if they were really important, I wouldn’t forget them now would I!!

More shots from when we were at Wat Chalong:

Hahah not very flattering for anyone but…I’m sorry!!!

Dad with his brother!

Sister being cute! Hahah she’s so adorable when she isn’t being annoying…which is all the time.

That’s my dad wearing really girly, ugly shades because we didn’t have any others on hand.

Was attempting to take a photo with my mum in the background but she just stalked off LOL.

The area had the usual row of touristy shirts and stuff – mostly overpriced and not very visually appealing anyway.

My sister and I didn’t know we were going to the temples that day so we wore shorts – which is considered inappropriate whenever you visit places like that. Go in jeans! (Be prepared to melt in the sun though)

After staying there for a while longer, we decided to head up the mountains to where The Big Buddha sits. From wherever we stood at Wat Chalong, we could already see it even though it was quite a distasnce – reason being it was sooooo big! The drive up itself took quite a while, and it was a really steep ride up.


Another thing I noticed were the amount of stalls that are actually set up along the way – despite the mountain being so steep! Okay maybe it’s considered a hill…but still! Plus imagine the long drive down everyday haha.

A stall selling coconuts!

Finally arrived!

Accidental overexposed shot makes for great photo.

Huge sculpture sitting atop a hill.

I didn’t know we could actually climb all the way to the top (where the green fencing is) but we did and the view was really amazing! And it’s really nice to be up so high where it’s really windy and the air seems so much fresher when it is not tainted with pollutants. From the photo above it doesn’t look very high but remember we were already atop a high hill!

The Big Buddha is actually pieced together with tiles, and each tile has a signature or message written behind it by a visitor! It’s actually still being pieced together so it was pretty cool knowing that your tile is gonna be part of it. 🙂 When you get up, closer to the sculpture you can actually see that it is not completely finished.

Lots of wind chimes on the way up! So pretty. The leaf-like things look like hearts. But why are they leaf-like then…

Views from the top!!!

My sister did that little braiding fringe thing on her own and I think she looks so cute. Like a kampung girl!!!

Attempted to take a photo with the scenery in the background but it ended up being too windy so I turned the other way instead LOL.

HAHA gross coloured skirts. WEAR JEANS.

But anyway, we were buying coconut ice cream and it was the best coconut ice cream ever!! My mum and dad insisted they didn’t want any and ended up finishing ours.

Left shortly after for the malls near Patong Beach!

Steamboat for late lunch/early dinner! My sis and I insisted on half tomyum and ended up drowning all the food itself and not touching it. I still like Tomyum though!

We ate steamboat like 4x when we were there hahaha I love it!! I get full really easily just by drinking the soup.

Awkward end because we didn’t do much for the rest of the day. Didn’t buy anything that day either! So that pretty much summed up Day 1 of our trip there 🙂

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