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RMS Titanic Exhibit @ MBS Art Science Museum

On Friday, Darien and Lai Han came down to TP to visit!

It’s a really nice feeling when your secondary school friends come down to your current school to visit you. I think it’s just seeing your old friends in a new place and getting to know your life and see the people you hang out with. Anyway, Jonathan booked us all tickets to the Titanic Exhibit @ MBS – which I really wanted to go for!!!! I remember blogging about it before too. Was initially reserving the trip there for my mum and I but she’s so busy and all that I decided that I might as well go first. Still hoping to take her there though.

Ended my class around 3PM so brought the two around TP while we waited for Jon to finish class at 6PM.

And then we were off! Happiness = friends who drive. Especially when they drive all the way to TP to fetch you LOL.

But it also struck me how we’re all really growing older together. All these people getting their licenses and going to army..soon we’ll be attending each other’s weddings.

Giving a trigger happy Lai Han the evil eye.

Arriving at the heart of Singapore city!

This was the second time in two weeks that we had been to the Marina Bay Sands area together. Wonder if it’s gonna be our permanent hangout area soon. But the place is really gorgeous. Although it’s all man-made beauty it’s still pretty amazing, and the scenery is super pretty at night.

Stop slouching Jon you look super short!!

The walk from the place Darien parked to the actual ArtScience museum isn’t long but I can’t believe we walked till the sun set! I didn’t even really notice till I posted the photos.

So pretty at night! Plus they sometimes have this light show on the water. I’m not sure if it’s just Fridays and weekends though – probably is. It’s really spectacular with the lights dancing on the water and the entire place is lit up really beautifully.

Reasons why we take so long to get to the actual building.

More distractions along the way.

When we FINALLY got to the museum it was already about 8PM and we only had about two hours to view two exhibits so we thought we were pressed for time. Okay I guess to most two hours to run through a museum would be sufficient but we are geeks who want to read everything on the walls as well okay?!

Anyway, I really really really love the Titanic exhibit! It wasn’t crowded when we got there and the place was dimly lit and very atmospheric. I was excited to see how they were going to tell the story of the Titanic and it was so much better than I expected. There is something hauntingly beautiful about the place. I knew there were going to be interesting artefacts and the actual iceberg replica and all but the way they actually moulded the area to allow you to feel like you were travelling throughout the exact ship was amazing. I really regretted not taking photos at the Grand Staircase. 😥

Photos aren’t allowed but I did snap a quick shot in the corridors of the first class rooms! This was the first thing we saw when we stepped ‘into’ the ship. Before the actual entering you will get to read up more on the ship and her sister ships’ manufacturing in a small hall. Nothing beats the actual interior though.

So what you get to see is mainly how ship looked like as you walk through. They re-enacted how a first and third class cabin looked like and also displayed actual belongings of the ship’s passengers  that they retrieved from the ocean bed after 75 years. Really cool to see how these items actually survive the harsh conditions of the sea. Plus, everything felt very personal – you can smell faint hints of perfume in the first class cabin and also burning coal in the boiler room! The details are very specific to give you a good gauge and also to let you immerse yourself in the experience completely.

I really like how they managed to profile some passengers too – giving us an insight into their life before boarding Titanic, such as their jobs and families. They do put up information on survivors too.

They also have an incredible deck! It was supposedly for the first class passengers, and the way it was structured made it look like an actual deck of a ship. I swear the waters and stars in the ‘sky’ looked super real. We also walked through the ship’s boiler room (Decked out in red, eerie lights) and got to touch the superdupercold iceberg tip. It was constructed to allow us to feel the same temperature (As much as possible) the waters were that night.

Anyway, we were given boarding passes – made to look like the actual ones in 1912 – when we entered with an actual passenger’s name on it (along with some background info) and the cabin class they were on. Lai Han and I both got 2nd class female passengers and the guys got third class males. So when we checked out the passenger wall in the exhibit, we found out that our girls survived and both guys perished.

What I really like about the exhibit is generally how the entire walk through is presented. For people who have never heard of the Titanic (Pfft) you start off not knowing anything, but as you go along you can actually read and feel the series of events happening and then finally reach the ‘sea bed’ where the ship rests and view actual footage.

Read an interesting review of the Titanic exhibition here. A second, more personal one by my friend Xinying on here.

In all, the walk through was incredibly enjoyable and I would recommend anyone to go!!!

After the Titanic tour, we went to view the Cartier exhibit and its exhoribitantly beautiful time pieces before dinner. Sigh. Money. Was pretty cool too but I think we were all marveled by the previous exhibit that we were a bit stoned. Not to mention hungry!!

Took them to the place Mel and I ate at the last time we stayed at MBS! Kraze Burger.

Our passes. 🙂

And Pudding photos from my i4.

Candy store after dinner – Lai Han’s favourite place!

Was snapping photos of Lai Han as she frolicked around the store. I hope she never fully grows up because she is so adorable!!! Hahah I love how real she is and Lai Han when you read this please praise me. Thanks.

Sex on legs really!!

My failed attempt to ruin their shot.

Spent the rest of the night we had together sitting by the river and letting the wind blast at us and ruin all our hair while talking about Yuying days. Friday well-spent.

The weekend has been good so far, and I can’t wait for Chinese New Year to come! It’s my favourite holiday and the only time my parents actually take time off work. 🙂 Can’t wait for the influx of food and ching chong songs. Also, Chong Aik will be ending his internship in five weeks – just in time after I finish a couple of bigass assignments for good. When are we going to dance, baby!


To Cher, I hope work has been treating you well and you aren’t that busy. Sorry I haven’t been able to meet you lately either, come over soon!! ❤

To Reb, I hope you are having a good time in Beijing and that you enjoyed this entry!!! BBQ ONCE YOU ARE HOME.

xx night all.



  1. Jonny

    Just realized I slouch alot! Hahaha, was looking at the photos and thinking to myself, I’m not that short..? LOL. Need to rid that bad habit! Fun Friday Forever..? FFF Hehe.

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