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Twenty Twelve

It’s the last day of the year and obviously I wouldn’t want to lose out on this moment to sound absolutely sentimental! Hehe therefore, I shall list my 10 resolutions (some feasible, some less) for 2012:

1. Be a less temperamental person, although I do not show it. Be tolerant and forgiving.

2. Find a decent part time job and start saving properly.

3. Graduate knowing I have done the best I could in my three years in TP.

4. Have an open heart and mind, question less and charge forward more.

5. Be a better daughter.


7. Make my first trip to Korea with friends an amazing one to remember.

8. Continue dancing.

9. Pick up a new language.

10. Stay in touch with the people I’ll be separated from once school is out for good.

If I had to pick the most rewarding experience in 2011, it would definitely be hard for me. In all, I think the past 12 months have been gruelling yet satisfying, and I’m glad to be right here, the way I am, right now.

What are your new year wishes? xxx

Have a great 2012 everybody!

P/S Spending my New Year’s Eve at Nava’s place later on. It’s the first time I’ll be with my friends on the 31st, great new experience to kick start 2012! Let’s go!


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