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In another life

During my Yuying days, I always hung out with a bunch of friends with awesome personalities.  These were the people that made my secondary school memories, the ones that helped in shaping me to become the person I am today. So it’s really unfortunate that under different circumstances we drifted apart after graduation! I know that none of us would want it to happen, but we don’t put in enough to sustain frequent meetups and so on. Yet, it’s amazing how when we do finally get to see each other again it’s like nothing has ever changed.

Met up with Darien, Lai Han and Rebby for a reallyyyy rushed movie (Sherlock Holmes was awesome by the way!) because we were all late as usual. Haha some things don’t change. Thereafter Jonathan managed to join us and we headed down to MBS because it’s a really pretty, quiet place to chill when there are no particular festivities going on. The nights are pretty and the city is scenic! Love how pretty SG looks at night there.

Normally, I really find it a pain going to places like that because they are so far and out of the way. But for the company, it’s worth it!

Lots of photos of the same people~

I think these two can get married! And gosh the last time I met Darien it was a whole year ago – with the same bunch no less – and he was still chubby!!! Now he’s all skinny and toned with *quote everyone* SNSD legs.

With Rebby and Jonathan!

No comment.

Wishing spheres floating on Marina Bay – they change colours with the lights that illuminate the buildings, so they go from blue to orange to pink to green…Pretty!

SNSD LEGS. His not mine pfft.

The following shots are of us trying to get the gorgeous floating LV store as a backdrop hahaha.

Yay I love you guys!

Also, this is out of the blue, but I like having friends from different places – whether from jobs or schools, but I hardly mix different groups of people together. I just think that one way or the other, it’s best to have separate lives and things you can share with others, instead of everyone knowing the same thing. I personally think that I have a pretty small circle of friends, but they are very unique people and that’s what I like about them all.

And lately, I have been feeling way too restless. Need to channel all this negative, lazy energy into my assignments instead. It’s really nerve-wrecking how one bad grade now can thwart my mood the entire day. Probably because I still have no clue on what I am going to do after I graduate in March. Eeeep.

More Phuket photos to follow! xx



  1. “I just think that one way or the other, it’s best to have separate lives and things you can share with others, instead of everyone knowing the same thing.”

    Ahh I totally agree with this!

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