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✈ Travelling Phuket ✈ Of Buddhist temples & The Big Buddha (Part I)

On the first morning we were there, I remember that while I was still pretty much deep in sleep, I heard my sister and dad talking about some animal appearing at our window and soon after, the sound of glass smashing on the floor. When I woke up, they told me they heard some shuffling around the window, drew the curtains open and came face to face with a very startled cat, that afterward leapt away and broke a glass plate.


The morning views on the balcony-like thng of my uncle’s house were really spectacular. And despite the water looking pretty gross the night before (it was so dark that we could barely see anything anyway), it was so different in the morning.

Reflection of the pretty sky.

While the house was pretty much fully equipped with everything we needed, I love rustic feeling it gave off and how old-fashioned everything felt.

Some shots around the balcony area, where they do their cooking and sun their clothes!

Rebecca lounging on a bench they sit on whenever they fish (!!!) – fishing in your backyard omg!!!

Dad giving it a go. I think he was pretty much thrilled to be there – considering all the kelong trips he frequently goes on.

My mum preferred to be indoors – she’s such a princess! Haha.

Neatly organised cook-out area!

To my sister and my delight, my uncle’s companion has three fully grown dogs – a female Chihuahua and two Schnauzers (one male and one female)! The female schnauzer is the daughter of the other two dogs and recently, the Chihuahua gave birth to another six puppies. And they are so cute!!! Will be posting a lot of puppy pictures because they’re too adorable. :’)

This is Monkey (LOL), the six-month-old schnauzer. She’s crazily nosy and always comes running after every sound.

Mummy chihuahua!

And her…


Not the cutest photo of them, but they’re all warm, furry and cuddly, and they snuggle up to each other to sleep 24/7 when they aren’t yipping for milk. Sigh, I love them all.

After fawning over the dogs for a bit, we headed out for breakfast. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone there owns at least a motorbike or a pick-up truck because houses run deep in and walking out would take forever. Also, you see the youngest kids scooting around everywhere on their bikes!

The strangest thing is despite the crazily un-strict traffic rules and conduct, there are hardly any accidents happening. I still feel really alarmed at the amount of motorcyclists without helmets though.

My dad was coaxed into driving because we didn’t have enough people who knew how to drive. He was asked to follow my uncle and his companion on their motorbike.

Dad, “Holiday I still need to drive ah?”

This is a DOG. Omg.

We drove just slightly out of the village to the main street of Tilok Uthit where there was a casual dim sum lookalike eatery.

Haha one thing that is highly annoying but effective for blogging? Family takes photos of EVERYTHING. Myself included.

Once you are seated, a worker comes out and starts piling your table with a ton of small dishes like the ones pictured above. Do not panic even if you have not ordered anything – they just put almost every single item they have on their menu on everyone’s table. How it works is that you just start eating from whichever one you want – anything that is not touched will be afterward taken back and placed into their bigass steamer for warming.

Hehe honestly, I don’t know how hygenic that is but when you are there?


Just like Bangkok, Phuket serves the best milo ever!!

A typical Thai breakfast would likely include seafood, different meats and lots of veggies. Yum yum.

After breakfast, we tried to go into Robinsons, but it didn’t open till 10AM, so we headed to the local market instead that was right opposite. Didn’t take any pictures there but it was huuuuuuge and bustling with people. The fresh seafood variety they sold there was astounding – but there were also plenty of gross sights like slit eels and all. Urghurhghghruhg.

In Thailand, to accumulate merit, people will buy eels, turtles, birds and fishes to release back into nature. This is a strong Buddhist custom.

So after buying a bunch of ’em, we drove to this nearby park with a really huge pond. I am not very sure where it was, but there were only a few other people present.

LOL the funniest thing was that we actually drove right into the park and ON THE PAVEMENT. Seriously Thailand and its traffic flexibilities amaze me!!!

The man on the top left hand of the picture is called Prasit – and was basically our driver/bodyguard/shopping-bags-carrier the entire trip!!! My dad only drove us in and out of the village occasionally when he wasn’t around but the rest of the time, he was always with us. Plus he was not even obliged to help – he was just a neighbour living in the village. I really think he’s super nice! Whenever we were out he would suddenly disappear, then re-appear minutes later with food/drinks.


Once we were done, we headed to Wat Chalong – supposedly Phuket’s most important Buddhist temple. The prayer hall actually contains the statues of three of the temples most significant monks. Didn’t snap any pictures inside since I thought it was pretty disrespectful.

Elephants everywhere.

Obligatory shot with nicely trimmed grass elephant.

Following shots from my mum’s Samsung Galaxy SII! SO PRETTY.

Dad and sis being startled by the sound of firecrackers (which resounded every few minutes)! At first, I really had no idea why they were going off so frequently. But then you will see people hanging Chinese firecrackers in these beehive-shaped ‘oven’ like things near the wat’s sermon hall. This is only commonly seen in Wat Chalong, where people do so to express their thanks for prayers that have been answered.

To be continued xx


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