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(Preview) ✈ Travelling Phuket ✈ (Living with the locals)

A super short Phuket preview before I head to bed!

On Dec 2, I managed a tiny little escape from Singapore (and never-ending writing assignments) and headed to Phuket with my family (sans brother!). We flew Jetstar, and tickets were already pretty expensive when we booked them. We got them for about $3xx each when my uncle flew there for only $98! But everything was settled only approx two weeks before we flew, so I reckon we didn’t manage to get lucky. 😦

Pre-flight! Thanks Stef & Michy for sending me off although it’s just a couple of days!

Flight there was a breeze at 1.5 hours – the same duration it takes for us to get to Bangkok. And there’s something about flights but I can never seem to fall asleep on them. I’m always wide awake throughout the entire journey so if I don’t have a magazine or a book to read I will go absolutely nutty.

Upon our arrival at the Phuket International Airport, we were greeted by our uncle and his companion, who brought us to their pick-up!

It was really very nice of them to host us throughout the duration of our trip – we saved a ton on food, lodging and transport since we lived with them and they drove us around every single day! Plus, every morning when we woke up there was breakfast on the table, bought for us before we even woke up. And it wasn’t just one type of food – there was always so much that we could never finish everything.

Honestly, the reason why we visited Phuket in the first place was cos my uncle had invited us. My aunt passed away sometime ago, and I think throughout the past few years my uncle has been really lonely. Since all my cousins have long grown up and have their own families, I think it’s great that he has managed to meet someone and enjoy the rest of his life in such a quiet, quaint place like Phuket. 🙂 And thanks to him, we had an experience of a lifetime.

Haha this is my sister’s horrified expression. Why?

Quite possibly the ugliest photo of myself I’ll ever post on my blog. At first I was like “THIS IS REALLY FUN!!!!!!!” when the wind was whipping through my hair as we drove along to my uncle’s place but after about five minutes into it I was like…”OMGGGGGGGGG THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!”

I’ve never had such an experience sitting on a pick-up before though. Usually the wind isn’t so bad! But that night it was madness. I couldn’t even run my fingers through my hair cos it was so badly tangled. I had no idea how my sister managed to look so pristine.

Still looking rather tame while my dad wasn’t having such a hot time either. HAHAHA.

Nice hair.

I don’t know the exact location of where we stayed but my uncle lives somewhere close to Tilok Uthit, a pretty nice part of Phuket Town which has Robinsons and Ocean Shopping Mall located side by side. There’s also a marketplace and a ton of food shops so it’s really convenient for them to get food. But their actual house is located about a 5 min ish drive into a small village and there is virtually no way one can walk out of the place without a vehicle. Everyone there either rides a motorcycle or own a pick-up. There are very little cars and hardly any cabs either.

And yes, the houses there really resemble how a kampung is like! There are hardly any high-rise buildings, there are chickens and dogs running everywhere, streetside food businesses going on right outside houses and a lot of them look rundown inside out. Although it’s interesting to view everything first-hand, I’m pretty glad that my uncle’s place is one of the nicer ones of the lot!

Not the clearest shot in the world (Plus what am I doing???) but you can see that the room is fully equipped with an aircon!! Hahaha I say fully equipped because well…that’s all I really need anyway. That and a bed. A comfy one. Haha okay guess I am kind of hard to maintain.

It was already really late at night when we got to his place, so all we did was flop into bed after washing up and sleeping till around 8am the next day. And boy, was the morning worth getting up for!

A side view of the backyard!

Half the house is actually on a river (pictured) and behind those trees is the beach. It was mostly blocked by the trees but when you face those trees directly, which is the front view, you can see the beach.

To be continued…

P/S I am really looking forward to seeing Cher again next week. Haven’t met her since before I left for Phuket and I cannot wait to see her again! Also, cannot wait to hit Open Class with Chong Aik. We’ve officially made it past baby hip hop at O School, babe! Woohoo.

It’s 3.49AM and I am meeting Fi and Jul to study tomorrow. But I’m gonna read in bed now and pray one of them wakes me up tomorrow.



  1. Michy

    The morning shots are so pretty! *_* can’t say the same for your pick-up truck photo though LOL

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