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Guess my fairly impromptu escapade is sooner than I expected. Jetting off to Phuket tomorrow night in the middle of the school term. How’s that for being gangsta! (And also probably impossibly stupid) But I’ll be lugging my work with me, soooo it’s gonna be sun, sand and a sea of magazine layouts. Whoopee.

Just read today that 8/10 Singaporeans have work on their minds when they are on holiday. But I guess this can’t really count, especially when I shouldn’t actually be leaving. Eek.


Still, wish me the best of luck on completing everything on time!! See you all when I get home. 🙂





  1. sugarpretzel

    Just leave everything down and enjoy your trip first Worry when you’re back. So jealous rach! Have fun and be safe, we’ll miss out group leader so much!

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