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Week 5

Letting my mind sweep over the past week that has gone by really, really fast. Thinking about the load of assignments we have completed thus far, I think everyone has done a pretty good job in staying sane. Despite sacrificing sleep and even staying overnight in school and heading to class the next day a zombie – I’m still in one piece and I should be happy that I am making an effort to try and keep up this crazy semester!

Had mini escapades throughout the week: Movie, heaps of food, 10-15 minute naps in the bus…but whatever it is, thank you Stef, Jul and Fi! Don’t know what I’d do without the three of you sticking through each dreary day with me. But I miss you Jean : (

Photos I tried to sneak in from every day life.

First Stop Press issue for submission! Happy, happy Friday.

The day my CDS tutor wore shades in class because he couldn’t see without them – literally (Shades with a prescribed degree!). Too cute, though I think I was trying a bit too hard to see figure out where his eyes were really looking.

Waiting to hit the stage on Thursday evening for TP Band’s concert rehearsal.

Before our final presentation last Friday. Happiest day ever (of my week anyway)!!!

With Mel @ Macs one day after having dinner…having more food.

Today was the day of the concert (TP Band) and despite almost zero time to rehearse, I’m glad it went well. Good job Michy! And thank you Keith, it was really fun emceeing the show with you!


Yay thank you to whoever came down! ^^

Lovely weekend aside, it’s crazy being amidst a flurry of notes and my laptop filled with an impossible amount of documents. Time to pack! Enjoy the rest of your week!






  1. jean

    Me too! Haha but i’m glad all of us are still surviving through. Somebody’s having a blast in Phuket while all of us are in homeland hurr

    • Hahah you won’t believe how jittery I am over mag ed. I’m hopping over it every night! Hope you’ll find inspiration for your second piece ah!

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