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Days of our lives

Sometimes, I think about the different things I want in every point of my life, and marvel at how these things change in such a short span of years.

20. I’ll be 20 in two months and that’s another step closer to the end of my teenage years (if we all still count our 21st as the defining year). The truth is, I’ve always thought I’d be young forever. Maybe it’s because I’ve been too accustomed to living life this way for…my entire life, but I have really never given much thought to how life will be in the next 10 years. That I will actually grow old. How many things will change. The people I might possibly lose, and the people I have yet to meet. It’s a big, scary world out there, but still exciting all the same.

Sometimes, I wonder what’s my purpose of being here. Maybe I wasn’t ultimately destined for greatness, but I ought to take that one step out of my comfort zone to do something interesting with my life. Start a business, elope, chase a dream. While I am still young, my heart longs for an adventure. But will this feeling die inside me as I grow older, and creep toward responsibilities and being grounded instead?

Sometimes, I wonder why I can’t just sleep instead of think, and not wake up in the morning half dead. Sigh



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