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Strictly Pancakes

Was looking through my DSLR to review the shots that Jules and I took while covering a hockey match at NYP on Friday and found a whole ton of photos that I have taken over the past couple of months, but never had the time to post up at all! Think I’ll slowly put them up over the next week.

Last Saturday evening, I met Taufiq for dinner at Strictly Pancakes! Pancakes for dinner – yum. We’ve both heard of the place before but have never tried it. In fact, I was supposed to go try it with Julia and Alicia (whom is now in Shanghai on internship) but we completely never got round to it.

The place is right opposite POMO House, which is right beside SOTA (Beside Cathay near Plaza Sing!) so it was really easy to find. It’s a pretty small but cosy-looking eatery – two storeys to accomodate as many customers as possible. The exact address is: 44A Prinsep Street.

Happy for a reservation so we didn’t have to wait at all…except for the food which took a really long time! I know they take about five minutes to cook their pancakes but ours took quite a bit. It’s pretty cool that they serve both savoury and sweet pancakes though, so you can either have a proper meal there or just dessert pancakes.


Trying to take a shot together without being a nuisance to the table beside ours. The bad thing about the place is that it is really pretty much packed during dinner time and all the tables are reallyyyyy close to each other. No privacy or personal space at all.

Taufiq with ‘Beef Me Up’! Tasted pretty good although the portion is pretty small. And by small I mean very small. Hahhaha check out that tiny mushroom thing on top of his patty – Taufiq insisted it was only half a sliced mushroom!

Tried the ‘Garlic Buttered Prawns’! I really love the vegetable side thing that comes with our savoury pancakes. This was pretty good – portion was decent and the slightly herb-y flavour was yummy. The taste gets a bit overwhelmingly jelat after awhile though, but good for people who love the taste of garlic-ky butter!

We get to pick the kind of butter we want for our pancakes! It was pretty interesting, considering they had the usual salt/unsalted, garlic & herb (which we chose!) and rum and raisin. Come to think of it, had no idea why I picked garlic & herb when my pancakes came drenched in the same sauce. Hahahah. But the maple syrup was really terrific! I know it’s some homemade recipe so it definitely has to be of some standard but it tasted soooo much better than any maple syrup I’ve ever had before.

‘Lemon Curd For The Nerds’ – haha what a cute name! Didn’t really taste good though. 😦 Think their chocolate pancakes are kind of bland, are a lot thicker than their normal pancakes and only the top pancake was drenched in the lemon custard and cream and sugar, making the bottom two a little dry. The vanilla ice cream pretty much saved everything though.

And ultimately…the verdict is…we probably wouldn’t go back there again unless it’s with a different group of friends. The pancakes aren’t that fantastic – but we think it’s likely due to all the toppings they pile on them. I reckon the dessert pancakes might in overall still be better than the savoury ones, simply because pancakes do taste better with sweet toppings than salty/meaty ones.

Yay, till next time!



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