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Excerpt from ‘the brooklyn boy’

Posted on November 1, 2011 by dirockfairy:

“However, because of his weight, there was a time he felt down.

He went to an audition and the president of that entertainment company said, “You want to become a singer with that kind of body? Lose some weight before you come.”

The weight that he gained growing up was lost in just 40 days. In just 40 days, he had lost over 20kg.

His teacher was astounded. The teacher was concerned. His mum said, ‘He didn’t say anything, and just ate very, very little. Then he would go to the gym, exercise there all day before going to sleep…and then return to the gym again.’”

* * *

“After their single was released, I got a call. ‘Bro, it’s me.’ I said, ‘Oh, my little super star brother is calling me now?’

He said that he missed me, but couldn’t go out. So he asked if I could come to his hostel.

He had tons of stuffed toys/dolls in his room. I said, “You don’t collect things like that…”

He replied that dolls were his friends, because he had nobody to talk to. So he started collecting them. He was chatting about it so earnestly…he must have been having a hard time.”


Happy belated birthday Choi Seung Hyun, T.O.P. You are an inspiring figure, a great entertainer, and loved all over the world.


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