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i4 Post.

Hello you guys!

Am currently lying in my bed and trying not to drop my phone on my face while tentatively typing this. Ninja!

I guess what they say about people opening up best about their thoughts when they are in bed and marveling about life’s greatest philosophies and questions is…not too true. All that’s in my head now is how hungry I am and what I can possibly eat for breakfast in a couple of hours. If I even get up! Am supposedly joining the hordes of fangirls and boys who are going to try securing one of the 5.5k tickets for SNSD in December. That’s some crazy feat so I’m actually mentally preparing myself to not get anything. Annnnd besides indulging in mindless concerts (as some of you might now be thinking), I am also booking tickets to MBS’ Titanic exhibit at the Art Science museum, which opens today!!!!! Think it’ll be up till April next year (also the 100th year since the Titanic sunk) Am really excited to bring my mum and possibly sister there. Really want to go with friends but I think my mum would love the place. Can already imagine her endlessly going on and on about the amount of info she already knows but it usually only occurs when she’s really enthusiastic so it’s all good!

I’m seriously a fan of the Titanic and her beautiful history. I remember scouring the Internet and reading books to gain as much as I could about the ship years back. Did you know that before the Titanic sunk, there was someone who predicted that a ship called The Titan would sink? Seriously, how creepy is that? I literally had goosebumps when I read that. I also like how the sinking gave us an insight into how the upper and lower class people were treated. It was really sad but ultimately, I think about 705 people survived. And 2 dogs or something.

Before I sound like a crazy obsessed person over SNSD and The Titanic, school has not quite kicked in but it has already been really hectic. I’m actually genuinely glad for Local Cinema this sem so we get to catch a movie every week. I’ve more or less resigned myself to months of facing MS Word and In Design but fingers crossed the work produced is gonna be decent!

Heh finally sleepy so goodnight all! Thanks for getting through this absurd post. How did you even manage to read till here anyway?




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