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Into A Whole New Sem Of Hardcore Journalism!

So today was my first day back at school – yippee! Am honestly trying to be excited about this whole thing because well, I kinda have a whole semester ahead of me, right? Plus it really just dawned on me today that it’s gonna be MS Word + In Design the whole friggin way this time. After six months of working for an actual magazine it also does feel weird to be creating a mock-up one now. A total mind warp.

God do I miss the thought of broadcast and radio classes last sem now. Fiddling with cameras, trying my best to not be the worst on-set host ever, pressing every button possible on the radio console…Seriously, while I’m into this for the whole writing thing, CMM has definitely been a pretty awesome all-round ride. Interesting subject content aside, everyday I am reminded that I have met some of the greatest people I will ever meet. Shall just wholly embrace the last couple of months as an official TP student and try my best not to get goggle-eyed staring at a Mac screen the entire day.

And while I’m still sore about losing out some of the best possible team mates to the other journ class, I’m really happy to be with the group I have now – one of whom just came back from Seoul + Phuket and gave me this awesomeeee souvenir!

A bespectacled Hello Kitty case for my glasses – with a furry leopard print upper exterior!!! How cute is this hahah. Thank you Stef (now we match)!

Also immensely grateful that there are some (very little…) tutorials that aren’t slated for the first week to kind of ease us back into this whole school thing. Plus, Wed is a holiday…which means I totally get Tuesday and Wednesday off! πŸ™‚ Gonna just spend the next two days sleeping my fill, finishing the brownies in the fridge and YouTubing in between naps.

Have a great week guys!



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