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School’s Almost In!

Just realised how much I have been basking in the happiness of my short-lived holidays, only to have my bubble popped when our full timetable for sem 3.2 came out today! Dayummmmmmm. Still, I’m looking forward to cheap school food and seeing everyone in one place! Can’t believe it’s my last few months with the amazing poly bunch. And I swear I will get my ass down to doing better this sem since it’s my last shot at graduating with a decent GPA.

The reality that school is starting aside, I am actually pretty contented with my timetable! It’s pretty flexible – save for the fact of 9AM lessons *sob* and that I have 2-hour lessons on both Tuesday and Wednesday = a complete waste of time. I really wish there would be a system that could better schedule our lessons so most of them fall on the same day. πŸ˜₯ But I guess that means…fellow future group-mates, can we start scheduling our project meetings for those days then? Heheh.

Two Pudding Camera photos after hip hop yesterday LOL:

I don’t think he likes me very much…


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